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Chicken of the Woods
Chicken of the WoodsMushroom
L613 Laetiporus sulphureus Large bright orange fruit bodies have a texture reminiscent of chicken. Great in soups and stir-fries. Fruits all season... read more
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Golden Oyster
Golden OysterMushroom
L615 Pleurotus citrinopileatus Tropical oyster strain that thrives in warm weather. Produces beautiful clusters with yellow caps that are a favorite at... read more
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Grey Oyster
Grey OysterMushroom
L616 Pleurotus ostreatus Very popular fleshy firm edible grey-white oyster-shaped caps often found growing on old dying maple trees. Our most... read more
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Italian OysterMushroom
L617 Pleurotus pulmonarius Clusters of tender brown caps with thick white stems. Considered to be one of the finest culinary oyster mushrooms. Also... read more
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Lion’s Mane
Lion’s ManeMushroom
L612 Hericium erinaceus Pure white cluster of icicle-like teeth, often found on beech and birch in the wild. When cooked, they have a consistency... read more
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L614 Lentinula edodes Brown umbrella-shaped spongy caps, very nutritious and medicinal. Good for drying and reconstituting in winter soups. Meaty... read more
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Sawdust Spawn
Almond AgaricusSawdust Spawn
611 Agaricus subrufescens Related to the well-known Agaricus bisporus (portabella, crimini and button mushrooms) but has its own unique aroma and... read more
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Wine Cap
Wine CapSawdust Spawn
618 Stropharia rugosoannulata Vigorous red-capped fruiting bodies for growing in non-sterile environments such as outdoor sawdust beds, wood chips and... read more
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12mm Drill Bit with stop collarTool
L609 Specifically made for log inoculation, designed to clear the hole of sawdust as it drills to a set depth that matches plug length or sawdust... read more
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5⁄16" Drill BitTool
L607 Low-speed drill bit for small plug spawn mushroom projects. read more
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8.5mm Drill Bit with stop collarTool
L608 Specifically made for log inoculation, designed to clear the hole of sawdust as it drills to a set depth that matches plug length or sawdust... read more
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Angle Grinder AdapterTool
L606 Used to attach a drill bit to an angle grinder to increase speed on large projects. Fits ⅝" spindle and takes both 12mm and 8.5mm drill... read more
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Mushroom Inoculation Tool
Mushroom Inoculation ToolTool
L605 A simple hand tool for rapid inoculation of hardwood logs with sawdust spawn (not needed for plug spawn). Use with 12mm drill bit holes for best... read more
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Sealing Wax
Sealing WaxTool
L610 A clear food-grade cheese wax ideal for sealing holes in inoculated logs. One pound of wax, enough to seal about 10 logs. Sealing the holes is... read more
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