Fedco Trees 2024 Approximate Ship Dates by State

We begin shipping March 26. Due to extremely high order volume, our shipping timeline extends into early May. We cannot guarantee this is exactly the date range in which your order will ship. Please be patient, as we may experience delays due to late-arriving inventory, weather, or generally slower-than-anticipated progress pulling/shipping orders. You will receive an automatic email confirmation with tracking info when your order ships.

We regret that we cannot make adjustments to the shipping schedule. We do our best to ship to warmest areas first and coldest last, but we cannot ship precisely according to USDA zones, or take your local spring planting conditions into account. We understand when folks are nervous about receiving their order when they don’t yet have time to plant or their ground is still frozen. However, it’s okay if you’re not able to plant your items immediately! Keep them protected in a cool, shaded spot and keep roots moist, and they will be fine. Visit our immediate plant care instruction page for more information.