‘Venus’Ordering closed for the season
443 Calycanthus floridus 5-7' x same. Fragrant creamy white flowers with purple and yellow centers. A stunning cultivar. Z4/5. read more
Carolina Allspice Seedlings
Carolina Allspice SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
444 Calycanthus floridus 6-10' x 6-12' Beautiful native shrub with dark burgundy-maroon flowers and shiny leaves. Blooms early, flowers through summer. Highly fragrant. Z4/5. read more


‘Rosea Plena’ Dwarf Flowering Almond
‘Rosea Plena’ Dwarf Flowering AlmondOrdering closed for the season
489 Prunus glandulosa 5-6' x 3-4'. An early spring spectacle of pink double flowers. Branches are nearly covered with the impressive blooms ranging all shades of pink. Z4. read more

Beach Plum

Beach Plum
Beach PlumOrdering closed for the season
490 Prunus maritima 6' x 5-6'. Rounded dense suckering shrub found along ocean beaches. Showy white blooms in spring. Edible plums in late summer. Plant two for fruit. Z3. read more


ButtonbushOrdering closed for the season
446 Cephalanthus occidentalis 6-10' x 8'. Loose rounded branchy shrub with masses of ornamental blooms that appear 4–6 weeks in summer. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


‘Brilliantissima’Ordering closed for the season
439 Aronia arbutifolia 6-8' x 3-4'. Upright multi-stemmed form with dense clusters of small white flowers. Abundant persistent bright red fruit. Brilliant fall foliage. Z3/4. read more
‘Viking’Ordering closed for the season
441 Aronia melanocarpa 4-6' x same. Upright vigorous high-yielding shrub produces large dark tasty berries. Z3/4. read more
Black Chokeberry Seedlings
Black Chokeberry SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
442 Aronia melanocarpa 3-6' x same. Each one is genetically unique. Plant several for an attractive edible hedge. Z3/4. read more
Red Chokeberry Seedlings
Red Chokeberry SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
440 Aronia arbutifolia 6-10' x 3-6'. Each one is genetically unique. Beautiful in mass plantings and borders. Plant several in a hedge and make the birds happy! Z3/4. read more


BeverlyOrdering closed for the season
468 Malus 20x20'. Pink buds and beautiful single white flowers. Light green foliage. Upright spreading dense rounded tree form. Excellent disease resistance. Z3-4. read more
BrandywineOrdering closed for the season
469 Malus 20x20'. Incredibly beautiful fragrant flowers. Deep red buds open to small deep pink double rose-like blossoms. Blooms late. Z4. read more
Crabapple Collection
Crabapple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
484 Malus An assortment of five crabapples chosen by Fedco. Most will be from this year’s catalog but a few rare surprises may be included. read more
DolgoOrdering closed for the season
471 Malus 25x30'. Classic culinary crab. Apricot-pink buds, large fragrant pure white single flowers. Beautiful fruit makes flavorful ruby-red jelly. Z2. read more
GwendolynOrdering closed for the season
472 Malus 20x30'. Pink buds followed by masses of very large single pink fragrant blooms. 1" red fruit. Disease resistant. Z3/4. read more
Purple Prince
Purple PrinceOrdering closed for the season
474 Malus 20x20'. Single purple-pink flowers. Purple-bronze foliage. Half-inch blue-purple persistent fruit. Z read more
RadiantOrdering closed for the season
475 Malus 25x20'. Bright deep red-pink single flowers and bright red fruit. Truly radiant. Upright open rounded vase-shaped tree. Ornamental foliage. Z3-7. read more
Sargent Crabapple, Mt. Auburn strain
Sargent Crabapple, Mt. Auburn strainOrdering closed for the season
476 Malus 8-10' x 20-30'. Pink buds and profuse pure-white fragrant single flowers. Very small dark red-purple persistent fruit. Z4. read more
SelkirkOrdering closed for the season
477 Malus 20x24'. Rose-colored buds open to deep purple-pink single flowers. Glossy deep red fruit hangs on the tree until late October. May be hardy to Z3. read more
Silver Moon
Silver MoonOrdering closed for the season
478 Malus 25x15'. White buds and dense masses of single white flowers. Spectacular late blooms. Persistent fruit. Purple foliage. Probably Z3/4. read more


‘Phillips’Ordering closed for the season
545 Viburnum trilobum 8-12' x same. May flowers attract beneficial insects. Pendulous bunches of red berries. Best-tasting highbush cranberry. Z2. read more
Highbush Cranberry Seedlings
Highbush Cranberry SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
546 Viburnum opulus var. americanum Also known as Crampbank. Medicinal multi-stemmed native shrub. Add to the biological diversity of your garden. No two seedlings are exactly alike. Z2. read more


Kousa Dogwood Seedling
Kousa Dogwood SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
449 Cornus kousa var. chinensis 20-30' x same. Horizontally spreading small tree. Layers of blossoms last up to 6 weeks in early summer. Edible fruit. Colorful fall foliage. Z4. read more
Pagoda Dogwood
Pagoda DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
448 Cornus alternifolia 20' x 30-35'. Small tree or large multi-stemmed shrub with tiers of horizontal branches and fragrant white 2-3" flower clusters. Z3. read more


Redosier Dogwood
Redosier DogwoodOrdering closed for the season
453 Cornus sericea 8-10'. Multi-stemmed spreading shrub excellent for hedges and borders. Red stems admirable in the winter. Valuable native wildlife plant. Z2. read more


‘Adams No. 1’
‘Adams No. 1’Ordering closed for the season
514 Sambucus canadensis Large elderberries and fruit clusters make for easy and fast picking. Very large vigorous strong productive bush. Typically 7-8' tall. Z3. read more
‘Bob Gordon’
‘Bob Gordon’Ordering closed for the season
515 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large clusters of large dark berries. High Brix level; great for winemaking. Upright, slightly spreading habit. Z4. read more
‘Goodbarn’Ordering closed for the season
516 Sambucus canadensis Blooms heavily and produces large elderberry crops annually. Hardy, vigorous with apparent self-fertility. Lower grower, maybe to 5'. Z3. read more
‘Mattawamkeag’Ordering closed for the season
518 Sambucus canadensis Fedco intro. Robust elderberry with consistently high fruit yields. Z3. read more
‘Nova’Ordering closed for the season
519 Sambucus canadensis 6-8' x same. Large sweet berries are good for wine, pie and jelly. Matures early and uniformly. Z3. read more
‘Wyldewood’Ordering closed for the season
522 Sambucus canadensis Vigorous consistently high-yielding elderberry cultivar. Competitive with Adams and ripens a little bit later. Z3. read more
‘York’Ordering closed for the season
523 Sambucus canadensis An old reliable elderberry, considered by some to be the largest-fruited and heaviest-bearing cultivar. Rounded shrub, usually more compact than Adams. Z3. read more
Elderberry Seedlings
Elderberry SeedlingsOrdering closed for the season
526 Sambucus canadensis Each grown from a cold-hardy seed and will be a totally unique plant. Some of our best plants grew from batches of such seedlings. Z3. read more


‘Meadowlark’ Forsythia
‘Meadowlark’ ForsythiaOrdering closed for the season
458 Forsythia ovata x F. europaea 6-11' x same.Semi-arching habit, showy bright yellow blooms then healthy green foliage throughout the summer. Z3. read more


‘Czech 17’
‘Czech 17’Ordering closed for the season
464 Lonicera caerulea var. kamtschatica 6-8'. Also called Berry Blue or Berry Smart Blue. Fruit is plentiful and tart. Good fresh or processed. Needs another honeyberry for pollination. Z2. read more
‘Indigo Gem’
‘Indigo Gem’Ordering closed for the season
465 Lonicera caerulea var. edulis 4-6' x same. Sweet, slightly tangy, and chewy. Great fresh eating. Most productive variety in our trials. Needs Berry Blue as a pollinator. Z2. read more
‘Tundra’Ordering closed for the season
466 Lonicera caerulea var. edulis 4-6' x same. Decent-sized long flattish oval fruit is tangy and sweet. Firmer and somewhat sweeter than Indigo Gem. Needs Czech 17 as a pollinator. Z2. read more


Northern Bush Honeysuckle
Northern Bush HoneysuckleOrdering closed for the season
457 Diervilla lonicera 2-4' x 2-5'. Clusters of yellow tubular flowers attract pollinators. Lustrous green leaves emerge with a hint of bronze. Good for erosion control. Z3. read more


‘Annabelle’ HydrangeaOrdering closed for the season
460 Hydrangea arborescens 3-5' x same. Upright rounded shrub bears large pompom-like white flower clusters from late June till September. Early and attractive cultivar. Z3. read more


‘Regent’Ordering closed for the season
437 Amelanchier alnifolia 4-6' x same. Compact shrub with sweet purple-magenta berries. Z2. read more


‘Beauty of Moscow’
‘Beauty of Moscow’Ordering closed for the season
536 Syringa vulgaris 12x8'. Dazzling pearly lavender-pink buds open to delicate double light pink-shaded white flowers. Later than other vulgaris types. Z3. read more
‘Ludwig Späeth’
‘Ludwig Späeth’Ordering closed for the season
538 Syringa vulgaris 10-12' x same. Deep rich purple flowers are always a knock-out. Single flowers on large upright spires. Upright growth habit. Z3. read more
‘Minuet’Ordering closed for the season
535 Syringa x tribrida 6-8 x 4-6'. Low-growing compact dwarf lilac with late-season rosy single pink blooms. Leaves are oval and dark green. Disease and pest resistant. Z3. read more
‘Mount Baker’
‘Mount Baker’Ordering closed for the season
534 Syringa x hyacinthiflora 8x10'. Prolific single heavily fragrant lovely showy white blooms. Large shrub blooms about 2 weeks before most other lilacs. Extremely hardy. Z2/3. read more
‘President Grevy’
‘President Grevy’Ordering closed for the season
539 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x 12'. Lavender-pink buds, fragrant double light violet blue-tinted flowers. Not as blue as President Lincoln but still very nice. Hardy. Z3. read more
Common Purple
Common PurpleOrdering closed for the season
537 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x same. A mass of medium-light purple blooms. A magnificent New England sight for nearly 400 years. The best lilac for a spreading hedge. Z2. read more


‘Breda Giant’ Medlar
‘Breda Giant’ MedlarOrdering closed for the season
485 Mespilus germanica 12-20'. Cinnamon-flavored pear-like 2" fruit, a culinary delight. White flowers blushed with pink May to June. Shiny green waxy leaves. Z4/5. read more


‘Blizzard’ Mockorange
‘Blizzard’ MockorangeOrdering closed for the season
487 Philadelphus lewisii 3-10' x 4-6'. Medium-sized loosely arching ornamental blooming shrub. A “blizzard” of sweet citrusy fragrance from white blossoms in late spring. Z3. read more


‘Illinois Everbearing’
‘Illinois Everbearing’Ordering closed for the season
486 Morus alba x M. rubra 30x20'. One of the most renowned mulberry varieties. Self-fruitful grafted cultivar, so only one plant required for fruit. Z4/5. read more


NannyberryOrdering closed for the season
544 Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12'. Large shrub with edible blue-black berries. Large clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers. Plant multiples for good pollination. Z2. read more


‘Nanus’ NinebarkOrdering closed for the season
488 Physocarpus opufolius 1-2' x 2-3'. This dwarf cultivar produces pink rosy buds in early May. Attracts pollinators. Good for small spaces and borders. Easy to grow. Z3. read more


‘Aromatnaya’Ordering closed for the season
456 Cydonia oblonga A hardy Russian quince, bred for disease resistance. For jellies and cider, stews and marmalades. Citrusy, fragrant with an orangey-pink hue. Z4/5. read more
‘Smyrna’Ordering closed for the season
480 Cydonia oblonga Oblong furrowed pear-shaped fruit with golden-yellow skin and mild light yellow flesh. Pink flowers. Good keeper. Ripens late summer to early fall. read more


RedbudOrdering closed for the season
447 Cercis canadensis 25-30' x same. Small vase-shaped ornamental tree. Clusters of brilliant edible purplish-pink pea-like flowers fill the entire tree in spring. Z4. read more


‘Above and Beyond’Ordering closed for the season
504 Rosa virginiana 10-14' x 5-7'. The climbing rose northerners have been waiting for! Double 3" apricot blooms repeat from summer until frost. Z3. read more
‘Armide’Ordering closed for the season
493 Rosa alba 4-5' x 3-4'. Rare antique rose with clusters of highly double 2–3" bright white strongly fragrant blooms. Abundant blooms into early July. Z3. read more
‘Belle Amour’Ordering closed for the season
495 Rosa damascena 4-5' x 3-4'. Highly fragrant myrrh-scented flowers. Semi-double cupped blooms with loosely crinkled soft salmony pink petals. Z4. read more
‘Belle de Crecy’Ordering closed for the season
496 Rosa gallica 2-4' x 3-4'. Low-growing rose with strongly scented flowers. Crimson buds open pink and gradually turn violet then soft silvery grey. Nearly thornless. Z4. read more
‘Cardinal de Richelieu’
‘Cardinal de Richelieu’Ordering closed for the season
498 Rosa gallica 3x4'. Exquisite fragrant deep purple-burgundy double 3" blooms in midsummer. Rugged and easy to grow. Z3/4. read more
‘George Vancouver’Ordering closed for the season
492 Rosa 2-3' x same. Very heavy bloomer of 2" double flowers. Blooms until frost. Rich green disease-resistant foliage. Prolific red hips in fall. Z3. read more
‘Magnifica’Ordering closed for the season
502 Rosa rugosa 4-5' x 5-6'. Large clusters of loose double fuchsia flowers with spicy fragrance. Vigorous wide-spreading habit. Large hips. Disease resistant. Z4. read more
‘Moje Hammarberg’Ordering closed for the season
503 Rosa rugosa 3-4' x 4-5'. Early bloomer. Large double magenta flowers throughout summer. Strongly scented. Large hips for processing. Disease-resistant foliage. Z3. read more
‘Raubritter’Ordering closed for the season
500 Rosa macrantha 3-4' x 6-8'. Clusters of unusual semi-double globular 2" silvery-pink flowers with a peppery fragrance. Spreading habit. Stunning in full bloom! Z3. read more
<em>Rosa rugosa</em>
Rosa rugosaOrdering closed for the season
501 4-6' x same. Vigorous spreading shrub with dark green wrinkled leaves, deep pink to white flowers, and large edible red hips. Needs little care. Z2. read more
Apothecary’s RoseOrdering closed for the season
499 Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’ 4x4'. Ancient semi-double deeply fragrant intense deep pink rose. Four rows of soft silky petals surround a crown of golden stamens. Z4. read more
Carolina Rose
Carolina RoseOrdering closed for the season
494 Rosa carolina 3-6' x 10-12'. Upright suckering native with single 5-petaled fragrant medium-pink 2" blossoms. Bright red hips late summer into early fall. Z2. read more


Allegheny Serviceberry
Allegheny ServiceberryOrdering closed for the season
438 Amelanchier laevis 15-25'. Leaves of this understory tree unfold purplish-orange bronzed color in spring. Pendulous white blossoms. Berries ripen midsummer. Z2. read more

Siberian Peashrub

Siberian Peashrub
Siberian PeashrubOrdering closed for the season
445 Caragana arborescens 15-20'. Cheerful bright green multi-stemmed shrub well-suited to windbreaks, hedges and borders. Delicate yellow flowers followed by seed pods. Z3. read more


SpicebushOrdering closed for the season
463 Lindera benzoin 6-12' x 8-12'. Large rounded multi-stemmed fragrant native shrub suited to moist or wet areas. Soft-yellow flowers. Glossy red edible berries. Z5. read more


SteeplebushOrdering closed for the season
533 Spirea tomentosa 2-4' x same. Adorable little plant. Rosy pink steeples emerge as terminal spikes about 4–6" tall. Easy to grow. A must for every butterfly garden. Z3. read more

Wild Raisin

Northern Wild Raisin
Wild Raisin
Northern Wild RaisinOrdering closed for the season
543 Viburnum cassinoides 5-6' x same. Dense suckering native shrub. White flowers from spring to early summer. Edible black fruit. Plant more than one for fruit. Z3. read more


Black Pussy Willow
Black Pussy WillowOrdering closed for the season
509 Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ 6-10' x same. Very attractive fast-growing plant with deep purple-black male catkins in early spring. Stems turn rich purple-black in winter. Z4. read more
Blue Leaf Arctic Willow
Blue Leaf Arctic WillowOrdering closed for the season
510 Salix purpurea ‘Nana’ Medium-sized spreading willow with small narrow blue foliage and delicate long stems. Excellent bank or hedge plant. Suitable for baskets. Z3. read more
Ram’s Horn Willow
Ram’s Horn WillowOrdering closed for the season
508 Salix babylonica ‘Crispa’ 30' x same. Tightly curled leaves spiral and twist like little ram’s horns covering the stem—a curious effect! Highly ornamental. Vigorous. Z4/5. read more


‘Afterglow’Ordering closed for the season
461 Ilex verticillata 3-6' x 3-5'. Female. Early bloomer with large orange-red fruit. Compact form with small glossy green leaves. Jim Dandy male is a suitable mate. Z4. read more
‘Jim Dandy’
‘Jim Dandy’Ordering closed for the season
462 Ilex verticillata 3-6' x 4-5'. Smaller male selection to pollinate Red Sprite. One will pollinate several females. Z4. read more

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel
Witch HazelOrdering closed for the season
459 Hamamelis virginiana 8-20' x same. Small fall-flowering tree or large shrub. Brilliant golden-yellow fall color. Quirky yellow flowers in early to mid November. Z3. read more