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Medicinal Perennials


Arnica chamissonisOrdering closed for the season
L749 Low spreading groundcover with bright yellow daisy-like flowers used externally in oils and salves to treat bruises, sprains, inflammation. Z3. read more


Chinese Milk VetchOrdering closed for the season
L751 Astragalus membranaceus 18-36" tall. Deep-rooted leguminous plant forms an upright bush with small whitish-yellow flowers. Important Chinese medicinal known to rebuild the immune system. Z4. read more

Balloon Flower

Balloon FlowerOrdering closed for the season
L766 Platycodon grandiflorus 15-40" tall. Fascinating balloon-like buds burst into royal blue bell-shaped flowers. Great cutflower. Used in Chinese medicine for its expectorant properties. Z3. read more

Bee Balms

‘Bradbury’s Monarda’Ordering closed for the season
L762 Monarda bradburnia 2' tall. Midsummer blooms display whorls of pale pink petals speckled with dark purple spots. More compact than Monarda fistulosa. Hummingbird magnet! Z5. read more
‘Panorama Reds’Ordering closed for the season
L763 Monarda didyma 3-4' tall. Fabulous blooms in a diverse range of red shades destined to attract scads of butterflies and hummingbirds. Z3. read more
Bee Balm
Spotted Bee BalmOrdering closed for the season
L765 Monarda punctata 2-4' tall. Peculiar fragrant double-decker blossoms display multiple colors of pinkish-purple, greenish-beige and maroon. Hummingbird magnet! Z3. read more
Bee Balm
Wild BergamotOrdering closed for the season
L764 Monarda fistulosa 2-4' tall. Our native wildflower species with aromatic lavender blossoms. This is the variety most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Z3. read more

Black Cohosh

Black CohoshOrdering closed for the season
L746 Actaea racemosa 6-10' tall. Long arching racemes of creamy white and gold serpentine flower spikes. Flowers late July into August. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Woodland native. Z3. read more


BonesetOrdering closed for the season
L754 Eupatorium perfoliatum 5-7' tall. Flat-topped clusters of white to lavender flowerheads. Stimulates the immune system. Fetching addition to the perennial border. Z3. read more


ComfreyOrdering closed for the season
L767 Symphytum officinale 24-48" tall. Clusters of pinkish purple flowers above bristled foliage. Known for skin-soothing properties. Recommended as an orchard companion. Z3. read more


Purple ConeflowerOrdering closed for the season
L753 Echinacea purpurea 3-5' tall. Spiny seedheads are a beautiful coppery yellow-brown, surrounded by a single row of reflexed lavender-purple petals. Tinctured roots boost the immune system. Z3. read more


HyssopOrdering closed for the season
L757 Hyssopus officinalis 12-20" tall. Vivid blue-violet double-lipped flowers on spikes from June to September. Leaves used to ease digestion and treat chronic respiratory infections. Z3. read more

Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s MantleOrdering closed for the season
L747 Alchemilla mollis 12-18" tall. Enchanting fan-creased silvery grey-green foliage. A traditional medicinal for women. Attracts beneficial insects. Z3. read more


‘Munstead’Ordering closed for the season
L758 Lavandula angustifolia 16-18" tall. Considered the hardiest lavender. Sweet-scented flower spikes with light lavender flowers. Z4. read more

Lemon Balm

Lemon BalmOrdering closed for the season
L760 Melissa officinalis 24" tall. Lemony leaves are delicious in teas, salads, with fruit or dried for sachets. Attracts pollinators. Z3/4. read more


LicoriceOrdering closed for the season
L756 Glycyrrhiza glabra 3-4' tall. Sweet and soothing roots beneficial for revitalizing adrenal glands and good for colds and bronchitis. Leguminous plant fixes nitrogen in the soil. Z4. read more


LovageOrdering closed for the season
L759 Levisticum officinale 6' tall. Glossy green leaves with strong celery taste used to flavor food. Looks like celery with umbelliferous flowers and small oval seeds. Pregnant women avoid. Z3. read more


MarshmallowOrdering closed for the season
L748 Althaea officinalis 5-8' tall. Beautiful towering medicinal plant. Leaves, flowers and mucilagenous roots are used to soothe mucous membranes. Z4. read more


Chocolate MintOrdering closed for the season
L761 Mentha piperita 18-24" tall. Our favorite mint! Bright refreshing peppermint-patty flavor. Freshen your breath, settle your stomach and scent soaps and salves. Z4. read more

Poor Man's Ginseng

Poor Man's Ginseng
Poor Man’s GinsengOrdering closed for the season
L752 Codonopsis pilosula Vines up to 6' long. Unique pendulous flowers decorate twining vines. Balloon-like seed pods. Energizing, adaptogenic herb. Z4. read more

Spotted Joe Pye Weed

Spotted Joe Pye WeedOrdering closed for the season
L755 Eutrochium maculatum 4-7' tall. Whimsical flat-topped terminal flower clusters bloom mid-July into August. Seed clusters add unique interest to the winter landscape. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more


ValerianOrdering closed for the season
L768 Valeriana officinalis 2-4' tall. Strong upright plant with small white or rosy flowers in flat clusters above glossy pinnate leaves. Roots used as an anti-spasmodic, nervine and sedative. Z3. read more


WormwoodOrdering closed for the season
L750 Artemisia absinthium 3' tall. Shrub-like woody plant with finely cut silvery-grey-green leaves covered with silken white hairs. Frosty backdrop to perennial bed. Aromatic bitter medicinal herb. Z3. read more


YarrowOrdering closed for the season
L745 Achillea millefolium 24" tall. A natural anti-inflammatory, cold remedy and fever reducer. White flowers June to September. Excellent orchard companion. Z3. read more

Perennial Plants


Swamp Red MilkweedOrdering closed for the season
L681 Asclepias incarnata 5' tall. Unique flat-topped clusters of upturned red-rose-colored flowers. Long willow-like leaves. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Native. Z3. read more


New England AsterOrdering closed for the season
L742 Symphyotrichum novae-angliae 4-6' tall. North American native. Blooms range from blue-purple to lavender-pink with yellow eyes. Z3. read more


Light & Lovely MixOrdering closed for the season
L683 Astilbe 18-40" tall. Long-lasting plumes of feathery flowers. Color range includes light pink, peach, and milk-and-honey white shades. Z4. read more
Red & Purple Rain MixOrdering closed for the season
L682 Astilbe 18-40" tall. Long-lasting plumes of feathery flowers. Color range includes lavender-purple, raspberry-pink, raspberry-purple and red shades. Z4. read more


Blue False IndigoOrdering closed for the season
L685 Baptisia australis 3-4' x same. Vibrant blue lupine-like flowers in early summer. Bushy habit and shrub-like structure once mature. Good for erosion control. Z3. read more


‘Superba’ Clustered BellflowerOrdering closed for the season
L687 Campanula glomerata ‘Superba’ 28" tall. Spherical clusters of upward-facing bell-shaped violet-blue to deep royal-purple flowers. Great for cutflower production. Z3. read more

Blackberry Lily

Blackberry LilyOrdering closed for the season
L686 Belamcanda chinensis 24–36" tall. Brilliant orangey-red flowers with maroon spots are held above iris-like fans of deep green foliage. Full sun to part shade. Z4. read more

Bleeding Heart

‘Sulphur Hearts’Ordering closed for the season
L692 Dicentra 12" tall. Lovely sulphur-yellow hearts dangle above soft blue-grey lacy foliage from late spring to early fall. Makes a perfect stop-and-stare garden along your woodland path. Z3. read more
Fringed Bleeding HeartOrdering closed for the season
L690 Dicentra eximia 18" tall. Native with lacy blue-green foliage. Flowers a little less tidy than the old-fashioned bleeding hearts. Likes cool woodland conditions. Z3. read more
Old-Fashioned Bleeding HeartOrdering closed for the season
L691 Dicentra spectabilis 30-36" tall. Native with lacy blue-green foliage and classic dangling heart-shaped pink blossoms early summer. Likes cool woodland conditions. Z3. read more


BloodrootOrdering closed for the season
L739 Sanguinaria canadensis Native spring ephemeral. Solitary white flowers emerge from tightly rolled leaves. Low-growing grey-green leaves unfurl into lobed palm shape. Shade plant. Z3. read more


‘Walker’s Low’ CatmintOrdering closed for the season
L720 Nepeta x faassenii 2-3' tall, despite its name. Aromatic grey-green foliage with long arching stems topped by lavender-blue flowers. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more


‘Origami’ MixOrdering closed for the season
L679 Aquilegia 14-18" tall. Magical jewel-like blossoms attract hummingbirds. Bright bold assortment of colors, including bicolors. Excellent for cutting. Z3. read more


‘Bocking 14’ Russian ComfreyOrdering closed for the season
L743 Symphytum x uplandicum 24–48" tall. Great companion plant for orchards. Excellent addition to the compost pile. Rich in silica, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Z3. read more

Culver's Root

Culver's Root
Culver’s RootOrdering closed for the season
L744 Veronicastrum virginicum 4-6' tall. Elegant towering native plant sends up large flower spikes with densely clustered tiny white blossoms. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more


‘Crazy Daisy’Ordering closed for the season
774 Leucanthemum x superbum 24" tall. Double flowers with snow-white petals. Blooms mid-July to fall. Excellent for cutflowers. Z4. read more


‘Adorable Tiger’Ordering closed for the season
L703 Hemerocallis 26" tall. Outlandish large blossoms with a golden-yellow base and standout sienna-red eye-ring. Unique red picotee edges. Midseason blooms. Z2. read more
‘Handwriting on the Wall’Ordering closed for the season
L704 Hemerocallis 24" tall. Dusty pink blossoms with stunning lavender-blushed eyes outlined in rose-wine. Thin rose-wine picotee edge. Z2. read more
‘Lavender Blue Baby’Ordering closed for the season
L705 Hemerocallis 28" tall. Fragrant rosy-lavender-blue blossoms with prominent lavender-blue eye-rings, chartreuse throats and recurved edges. Early to midseason rebloomer. Z2. read more
‘Little Grapette’Ordering closed for the season
L706 Hemerocallis 18" tall. A small and mighty miniature grape-purple daylily. High bud count. One of our favorites for the front of the daylily border. Z2. read more
‘Mighty Chestnut’Ordering closed for the season
L707 Hemerocallis 30" tall. Unusual fragrant deep russet red blossoms. Exceptional bloom performance. Vigorous habit. Z2. read more


New Millennium ‘Mini Stars’ MixOrdering closed for the season
L688 Delphinium 2½' tall. Dwarf delphiniums in colors that range from purple, blue, mauve, pink, lilac or cream. More tolerant to heat and humidity than many other cultivars. Z3. read more


Rattlesnake MasterOrdering closed for the season
L697 Eryngium yuccifolium 3-6' tall. Globe-thistle-like 1" greenish-white flowerheads. Subtle honey-like scent. North american native. Great for cutflower production. Z3. read more


Leatherwood FernOrdering closed for the season
L699 Dryopteris marginalis 24" tall. Strong stems and slightly glossy leathery grey-green fronds make this one of the best ferns for floral arrangements. Evergreen leaves live through winter. Z3. read more
Maidenhair FernOrdering closed for the season
L698 Adiantum pedatum 10-12" tall. Tiny ginkgo-like green leaves line glossy black stems. Delicate whorled form. Nursery propagated. Z2. read more
Royal FernOrdering closed for the season
L700 Osmunda regalis Soft and wavy deciduous lance-shaped light green fronds can reach 3' long. Very showy. Reaches up to 6' tall and more than 9' wide at maturity. Z3. read more


‘Dalmation Peach’ FoxgloveOrdering closed for the season
L694 Digitalis purpurea 2–3' tall. Elegant peachy-yellow blossoms with orange speckled throats. This soft and subtle beauty flowers the first year. Z3. read more
Strawberry FoxgloveOrdering closed for the season
L693 Digitalis mertonensis 2-4' tall. Copper-tinged strawberry-rose pendulous bell-shaped flowers with pink and white spotted throats form along spires June through August. Z3. read more

Foxglove Beardtongue

Foxglove BeardtongueOrdering closed for the season
L731 Penstemon digitalis 3' tall. Beckon the birds and bees to your garden with these white to light pink spires covered with nodding tubular bell-shaped flowers. Z3. read more

Garden Peonies

Garden Peony
‘Festiva Maxima’Ordering closed for the season
L725 Paeonia lactiflora 3' tall. Heavenly scented large double white flowers with a light crimson drizzle upon the central petals. Flowers late spring to early summer. Z3. read more
Garden Peony
‘Red Sarah Bernhardt’Ordering closed for the season
L726 Paeonia lactiflora 34" tall. A gorgeous rich reddish-purple-cerise version of the classic Sarah Bernhardt. Light sweet fragrance. Z3. read more
Garden Peony
‘Sarah Bernhardt’Ordering closed for the season
L727 Paeonia lactiflora 36" tall. Fragrant flowers open with narrow red lines shot onto light rose-pink. One of our favorites! Z3. read more
Garden Peony
‘The Fawn’Ordering closed for the season
L728 Paeonia lactiflora 32" tall. Possibly the most posh peony you will ever set eyes on. Fragrant fully double blossoms are breathtaking. Z3. read more


Spotted CranesbillOrdering closed for the season
L701 Geranium maculatum 24" tall. Clusters of single 1¼" wide pinkish-lilac saucer-shaped flowers. Deeply cut leaves turn vivid shades of reddish-orange in autumn. Z4. read more

Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle
Blue Globe ThistleOrdering closed for the season
L696 Echinops ritro 3–4' tall. Luminous steel-blue spiky spheres on stiff stems with silvery green leaves. Excellent for fresh or dried arrangements. Blooms July to August. Z3. read more


Stiff GoldenrodOrdering closed for the season
L721 Oligoneuron rigidum 2-5' tall. The gorgeous yellow-gold vibrancy of goldenrod packed into a dense, showy, flat-topped cluster. Attractive lush slate-green foliage. Z3. read more


‘Black Knight’Ordering closed for the season
L678 Alcea rosea 5-6' tall. A dusky midnight-purple beauty with a tiny yellow eye. A true perennial Alcea. Z3. read more
‘Las Vegas’ Singles MixOrdering closed for the season
L677 A. ficifolia 5-6' tall. Fig-leaved hollyhock with single flowers range from chestnut-brown to red, pink to white, and yellow to copper. Z3. read more


‘Guardian Angel’Ordering closed for the season
L708 Hosta 24" tall and 56" wide. Hark! A hosta like no other! Glorious angels with mystical color-changing display. Lavender flowers. Z3. read more
‘Lakeside Paisley Print’Ordering closed for the season
L709 Hosta 12" tall and 30" wide. Dramatic design and texture make this hosta a must-have! Unique heart-shaped leaves with wide wavy green margins. Z3. read more
Humongous Hostas MixOrdering closed for the season
L710 Hosta Size matters! A selected mix of GINORMOUS hosta varieties. Each at least 30" tall and up to 80" wide at maturity. Z3. read more


‘Concord Crush’Ordering closed for the season
L711 Iris sibirica 28" tall. Large double light blue flowers with a lemon-yellow blaze. Pair this handsome blue devil with Pink Parfait in a flower arrangement. Z3. read more
‘Pink Parfait’Ordering closed for the season
L712 Iris sibirica 28" tall. Large double light pink-lavender flower. Looks more like a rose than an iris. Vigorous long-blooming tetraploid. Z3. read more
Northern Blue FlagOrdering closed for the season
L713 Iris versicolor 30-36" tall. Northeastern native species with gorgeous blue-violet flowers with bold purple veining and a white and lemon-yellow blaze. Early. Z2. read more

Itoh Peonies

‘Bartzella’Ordering closed for the season
L722 Paeonia 30-36" tall. Fragrant semi-double lemon-yellow flowers with red flames at the center. Blossoms can display as fully double on occasion. Z3. read more
Itoh Peony
‘Julia Rose’Ordering closed for the season
L723 Paeonia 30-36" tall. Cherry-red buds open to 8" fragrant semi-double orange-apricot-pink flowers with subtle purple edging. Blossoms eventually fade to yellow. Z3. read more
‘Scrumdiddleyumptious’Ordering closed for the season
L724 Paeonia 30-36" tall. Semi-double light cream blooms with blush-pink edges. Z3. read more


Jack-in-the-PulpitOrdering closed for the season
L680 Arisaema triphyllum 12–24" tall. Magical Northeastern woodland native. 1-2 compound leaves with an upright stem topped by a striped tannish-purple cuplike spathe that arches over the erect greenish-yellow spadi read more


Floristan White Blazing StarOrdering closed for the season
L715 Liatris spicata 30-36" tall. Dreamy white flower wands above fine grass-like foliage. Blooms from July to September. Great for cutflowers. Z3. read more
Purple Blazing StarOrdering closed for the season
L716 Liatris spicata 20-30" tall. Magenta-purple flower spikes above fine grass-like foliage. Blooms from July to September. Great for cutflowers. Z3. read more


‘Citronelle’ Tiger LilyOrdering closed for the season
L718 Lilium tigrinum 2-5' tall. Scads of luminous lemon-yellow flowers with recurved petals flecked with dark purple dots and rusty-red anthers. Z2. read more
Oriental Lily MixOrdering closed for the season
L717 Lilium 30-44" tall. Fabulously showy and surprisingly easy to grow. Color mix includes all-pinks, all-whites, and brilliant bicolors with spots and stripes. Z3. read more


Great Blue LobeliaOrdering closed for the season
L719 Lobelia syphilitica 3-5' tall. Deep green rosettes form tall green stems and blue-violet flower spikes. Absolutely stunning once established. Native. Z3. read more


‘Mrs. Moon’ LungwortOrdering closed for the season
L737 Pulmonaria 9-12" tall and eventually up to 2' wide. Periwinkle-blue buds open to pink flowers in spring. Large slate-green leaves with silver-white splotches. Woodland plant. Z3. read more

Maiden Pinks

Maiden Pink
‘Arctic Fire’ Maiden PinksOrdering closed for the season
L689 Dianthus deltoides 6" tall. Spicy clove-scented blossoms. Makes a carefree and tidy border plant. A traditional cottage-garden favorite. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more


‘Star of Beauty’ MasterwortOrdering closed for the season
L684 Astrantia major 20" tall. Carmine-rose rounded pincushion flowers. Excellent cutflower both fresh and dried. Long bloom time—June through August. Z4. read more


English MonkshoodOrdering closed for the season
L676 Aconitum napellus 36-40" tall. Classic deep violet-blue monkshood. Delphinium-style blooms on dense showy spikes. Excellent cutflower. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more

Pasque Flower

‘Rubra’ Pasque FlowerOrdering closed for the season
L738 Pulsatilla vulgaris ‘Rubra’ Up to 12" tall. Bell-shaped dusky burgundy flowers with golden-yellow stamens bloom as the finely cut furry ferny foliage begins to form. Silvery seedheads. Excellent for rock gardens. Z4. read more


‘Goliath’Ordering closed for the season
L733 Phlox amplifolia 26-30" tall. Giant spreading clusters of fragrant lilac-purple flowers with starry white spokes and dark eyes. Long-blooming in mid to late summer. Z3. read more
‘Hercules’Ordering closed for the season
L734 Phlox amplifolia 26-30" tall. Giant fragrant light pink flowers with subtle starry white spokes and darker eyes. Z3. read more
‘Red Riding Hood’Ordering closed for the season
L735 Phlox paniculata 18-24" tall. A compact variety with large fragrant cherry-red flowers. Z3. read more


‘Little Patty’s Plum’Ordering closed for the season
L729 Papaver orientale 20" tall. Dusky damson-plum-colored shimmering crepe-paper blossoms. Seedpods are good in arrangements. Z3. read more
‘Turkenlouis’Ordering closed for the season
L730 Papaver orientale 24-36" tall. A fiery sunburst of shimmering crepe-paper orangey-red fringed and ruffled blossoms. Seedpods are good in arrangements. Z3. read more

Russian Sage

Russian SageOrdering closed for the season
L732 Perovskia atriplicifolia 36-48" tall. Slender spires of lavender-blue tubular flowers midsummer. Finely divided grey-green leaves are aromatic when crushed. Z4/5. read more


Hens & Chicks MixOrdering closed for the season
L740 Sempervivum Low-growing rosette-forming succulents produce runners and babies. Drought and heat tolerant. Cold-hardy too! Colorful mix of reds, greens and purples. Z3. read more


Wild SennaOrdering closed for the season
L741 Senna hebecarpa 4-6' tall. Also called Partridge Tree. Little canary-yellow flowers form dense clusters above attractive compound pea-like foliage. Attracts pollinators and birds. Z4. read more

Shasta Daisy

‘Alaska’ Shasta DaisyOrdering closed for the season
L714 Leucanthemum x superbum 30-40" tall. Crisp snow-white petals. Longer bloom time and bigger flowers than the wild daisy. Blooms mid-July to fall. Excellent for cutflowers. Z4. read more

Shooting Star

Shooting StarOrdering closed for the season
L695 Dodecatheon meadia 1-2' tall. Spring-blooming ephemeral woodland native. Excellent choice for naturalizing in both rock and woodland gardens. Z4. read more


Red & Gold Sneezeweed MixOrdering closed for the season
L702 Helenium autumnale 4-5' tall. Rich and blazing scheme of bronze, brown, crimson and yellow for a vibrant end-of-summer display. Easy to grow, excellent cutflower. Z3. read more

Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s SealOrdering closed for the season
L736 Polygonatum biflorum 36" tall, or taller. Clumps of long graceful arching stems with long narrow alternate leaves. Greenish-white bell-shaped tubular flowers late spring. Shade plant. Z3. read more


‘Summer Berries’ YarrowOrdering closed for the season
L675 Achillea millefolium 24" tall. Colorful pastel cut-and-come-again flat-topped flower heads bloom June through Sept. Excellent for fresh and dried arrangements. Z3. read more