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Perennial Plants


Leatherwood Fernsold out for orders received after 1/11/21
L697 Dryopteris marginalis 24" tall. Strong stems and slightly glossy leathery grey-green fronds make this one of the best ferns for floral arrangements. Evergreen leaves live through winter. Z3. read more
Maidenhair Fernsold out for orders received after 1/16/21
L696 Adiantum pedatum 10-12" tall. Tiny ginkgo-like green leaves line glossy black stems. Delicate whorled form. Nursery propagated. Z2. read more
Royal FernSorry, crop shortage out of stock to all orders
L698 Osmunda regalis Soft and wavy deciduous lance-shaped light green fronds can reach 3' long. Very showy. Reaches up to 6' tall and more than 9' wide at maturity. Z2. read more