ContenderOrdering closed for the season
306 Late. Firm melting aromatic yellow freestone peach. Hardy. Resistant to leaf spot. Blooms late. Z4/5. read more
Garnet BeautyOrdering closed for the season
307 Early. Medium-to-large yellow-fleshed semi-clingstone peach with excellent flavor. Recommended for colder districts. Z4/5. read more
Lars AndersonOrdering closed for the season
308 Early. Large juicy sweet yellow-fleshed freestone fruit. Z5. read more
MadisonOrdering closed for the season
310 Late. Medium-large fruit with fine-textured juicy flesh. Excellent sweet rich flavor. Freestone, good canner. Ripens late Sept. Very productive. Z5. read more
Red Haven
Red HavenOrdering closed for the season
311 Early-Mid. Medium-sized round peach with sweet firm yellow flesh. Excellent for eating, freezing, canning, shipping. Z5/6. read more
RelianceOrdering closed for the season
312 Early-Mid. Medium-sized roundish freestone peach. Bright yellow flesh, soft and juicy. Considered the hardiest peach. Z4/5. read more