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Join our Cooperative
as a Consumer Member!

(If you'd like to become a member, please download our membership form and mail it to us with your membership deposit. Thank you.)

Why join Fedco?

We’ll let some of those who joined speak for themselves:
  • “We love you and are really proud to be a certificate carrying FEDCO member. Thanks for existing.” –Peggy Kass, Kassenhoff Growers, Oakland, CA
  • “An organization that expresses views on political, economic and sustainable agriculture issues with the insight and dedication of CR Lawn deserves my support.” –Rich Tomsu, Shade, OH
  • “Every year since 2001 I found a way to smuggle my Fedco Seed order across the border. Man am I happy that you now deliver to Canada.”–New Fedco Coop member, name withheld, Ontario
  • “I applaud your stance on GMO and seed business ethics and am proud to count myself a Fedco member.” –Bette Low, Westport, MA
  • “I’m a small one-person operation. I have been ordering seed from you for years, and it’s time to join.” –Karen Coombs, Hamilton, MT
  • “I’m glad to be able to join as a consumer member, on behalf of my community, the New York City Catholic Worker. The CW movement has advocated decentralized cooperative economics since the 1930s.” –T. Christopher Cornell
  • “We loved CR Lawn’s letter…he is absolutely right…we will send in our membership to show our support of a tremendous organization.” –Marita and Bob Wiser, Bridgton, ME

Our 1,097 consumer members and 98 active worker members are the foundation of our strength and the fount of our support. When we turned to them to help us launch our Solar Project we were overwhelmed by their response. While most such appeals are lucky to generate a 2% response rate, we were astounded to achieve one of 7.77%! Our members financed the entire upfront cost of the project, and then some, helping us to get through our traditional autumn and early winter cash flow ebb without skipping a beat.

Here’s your chance to join this incredible support team and help us continue far into the future. We have a lot of work to do to help build a sustainable seed system (for some of the obstacles we must overcome see The Four Seed Freedoms) and need all hands on deck!

We are asking for a $100 membership equity, refundable at any time upon request. ($105 to join online by credit card.) If this would be a hardship, there is a $25 option. Please note that membership is by household (only one membership per household please) or by farm or organization.

Benefits include:
  • A 1% discount on all orders from all our divisions.
  • An invitation to our Annual Meeting each September.
  • An opportunity to vote on any proposed by-law changes.
  • A chance to vote for and serve on our Board of Directors.
  • The satisfaction of owning a small part of one of the most successful new wave co-ops.

Join our consumer member-owners who are helping write the next chapter of our enduring success!

If you'd like to become a member, please download our membership form and mail it to us with your membership deposit. Thank you.