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Pie Cherries

Pie Cherry
‘Sweet Cherry Pie’
315 Prunus cerasus Summer. A promising modern hardy pie cherry. Tangy rich firm flesh holds up in cooking, makes an awesome pie. Not bad right off the tree. A sweeter pie cherry for your pie cherry collection! PPA. Z4. read more
Pie Cherry
311 Prunus cerasus Mid-Late Summer. Morello-type pie cherry excellent for eating, jams, jellies, pies, dark red juice and wine. Naturally dwarf tree. Z3/4. read more
Pie Cherry
Garfield Plantation
312 Prunus cerasus Summer. Heirloom pie cherry grows successfully in Aroostook County. Similar to Montmorency. Hardy, productive, long-lived, disease resistant. Z3. read more
Pie Cherry
313 Prunus cerasus Summer. Red skin and lighter red flesh with clear juice. Sweeter than other pie cherries. Recommended for sauce and pies. Z4. read more