Ordering from Trees

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How to Order

Order from our online catalog. Enter your email address and ZIP Code to enable ordering. Our secure check-out takes all major cards.

Three methods to build your order:

  • Browse the catalog, and order from the Quick View box.
  • Read individual pages, and order at the bottom.
  • From a marked-up paper catalog, use our simple form to enter stock numbers; we’ll confirm the name and price.

To place an order by mail, please use the Trees 2022 order form from the center of our catalog, or download a copy.

We do not take fax or phone orders.

We assign available plant stock to all orders based on the sequence in which the orders are received.

Discounts & Deadlines

Volume Discounts: To encourage you to order early, and participate in a group order, we give discounts based on the total of your order (before shipping).

The volume discount deadline is Friday, January 14, 2022. Sorry, no volume discounts on later orders.

Discounts apply to orders shipped to one address only.

over $100 - 5% discount
over $300 - 10% discount
over $600 - 15% discount
over $1200 - 20% discount

The scionwood order deadline is February 18, 2022.
The final order deadline (except scionwood) is March 4, 2022.

Group orders: We take group orders online or by mail. Group coordinators and group members click here for info, including how to form a new group. Gather together early to earn a discount by mid-January.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards, and Fedco gift certificates. Payment must accompany all orders. (Except, government agencies and non-profit organizations should call us at 207-426-9900 to set up your Purchase Order before you order.)

For mailed orders, we accept checks and money orders as well as cards.

We will charge your card when we receive your order. We will bill or refund you for any adjustments as each order is completed.

Sales Tax

Orders shipped to Maine addresses pay 5.5% sales tax. Because of the Supreme Court decision in June 2018, we must collect local taxes in states that require us to do so. Farms and retailers: please send us a copy of your state resale certificate or farm exemption. Otherwise we must charge sales tax.

Maine addresses Pay 5.5% sales tax on Adjusted Total
FL, MA, MD, UT, VA, WY Pay your local tax rate on Adjusted Total
CT, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, PA, RI, TN, VT, WA, WI, WV Pay your local tax rate on Adjusted Total plus Shipping

2022 Shipping Schedule

Scionwood and early rootstock orders orders ship around March 14, depending on weather and conditions. Only scionwood twigs and grafting rootstocks can be shipped during this period; scionwood is only shipped mid-March.

We ship everything else approximately March 29 through early May. We begin with warmer areas, working our way to coldest areas last. We cannot accommodate specific ship date requests or guarantee your order will arrive on a certain day. If you are out-of-town during our shipping dates, consider having your plants shipped to a friend or neighbor to care for them until you return.

If you’re in New England, your order may take 1-2 business days to arrive once shipped. Outside New England, it may take several business days. You will receive an automatic email confirmation with tracking information when your order ships.

Shipping Charges

We ship via FedEx or Priority Mail, our choice unless you specify. We strive to make our shipping charges fair, and it is a challenge. Since most packages we send with trees and shrubs are subject to expensive charges for oversized boxes and heavy weights, we have a category of small and light items that cost less to ship.

Maine customers now pay only a $10 flat-rate shipping fee.

$10.00 for all orders shipped within Maine

Regular FedEx shipping charges to the continental US are a percentage of your adjusted total (after discounts, if any; before tax, if any) with a $22.50 minimum.

$22.50 minimum, or 16% on orders over $141

USPS Priority Mail shipping charges are for tree/shrub shipments to Alaska, and for anyone in the lower 48 who requires postal delivery, including PO Boxes.

$25 minimum, or 20% on orders over $125

Small & Light shipping rate to all states except Maine: All your stock numbers begin with L: perennials, bulbs, strawberries, rhubarb, hops, asparagus, scionwood, and more. If you order any other “non-L” items in addition to these, you must pay the regular shipping charges.

$10 minimum, or 16% on orders over $63

Fees for order changes ($10) are additional (see Terms and Conditions for information about our order change and cancellation policies).

No More Pickups (Sorry!)

Due to a need for space and to restrict public interactions at this time, we are discontinuing our pickup order option this year. Actually, this was coming even before COVID-19. We have run out of space for safely storing pickup bags as our tree crops have increased and our building square footage has not. Curbside pickup is not logical in our model, so we are going to ship all orders. We are not raising shipping prices in 2022 even as our carriers increase their rates. To Maine residents, we have a flat-rate shipping fee of only $10 per order.

Out of Stocks

We fill all orders on a first-come first-served basis. Some customers wonder why we don’t contact them when something on their order is out of stock. We understand the disappointment. Some of our stock arrives in November to be stored through the winter, but much more of it arrives in early spring just before—or even during—shipping. When we don’t know about a shortage or crop failure or damage until the last minute, it’s impossible to contact customers individually. We will issue you a refund. Please accept this as a condition of ordering.


When dealing with live plants, we can never be certain that we can fill your entire order. If something becomes unavailable, our default mode is to substitute a similar variety because most people prefer a similar tree or plant to a refund. On the order form, if you indicate you don’t want any substitutions, we’ll send a refund. You’ll have the option to donate some of your refund to the Maine Heritage Orchard.

If you order apples, please indicate whether you will accept the same varieties on similar rootstocks.

No Returns

No returns. If you bought it, it’s yours! Please see our limited guarantee for defective products, only.

Still have questions? Call 207-426-9900 or send an email to questions@fedcoseeds.com.