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Eastern White Cedarcheck back later
481 Thuja occidentalis 20-60'. Narrow and tall with twiggy branches, soft fibrous orange-brown bark, and distinct flat foliage. Good for screens and hedges. Z2. read more


Balsam Firsold out, on the final deadline
475 Abies balsamea 45-75'. Native conifers with fragrant boughs used for wreaths. The best Christmas tree! Semi-shade tolerant. Good hedge tree. Z3. read more


Eastern White Pinecheck back later
480 Pinus strobus 100'+. Magnificent and massive when mature. Smooth bark becomes rough, deeply furrowed with age. Makes a beautiful hedge. Shade tolerant. Z3. read more


Dawn Redwoodcheck back later
476 Metasequoia glyptostroboides 100'. A spectacular ornamental tree! Wide trunk with iridescent golden-orange bark and bright green deciduous needles turn orange in the fall. Z4. read more


‘Misty Blue’ Colorado Blue Sprucecheck back later
479 Picea pungens ‘Glauca’ 30-60'. Very popular specimen tree with truer blue foliage than other varieties. Excellent for privacy screens. Fast growing. Z2. read more
Norway Sprucesold out, on the final deadline
477 Picea abies 80'. Fast-growing wide-spreading upright picturesque tree with graceful long pendulous branches that often reach the ground. Showy cones. Z2. read more
White Sprucecheck back later
478 Picea glauca 60-90' x 10-20'. Native conifer, one of the best trees for wind blocks and privacy screens. Adaptable and tolerant to wind, drought and cold. Z2. read more