BearberryOrdering closed for the season
L559 Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Low-growing evergreen groundcover. Can spread to 15'. Pinkish-white flowers in spring. Small red berries persist into winter. Self-pollinating. Z2. read more


‘Stevens’ American Cranberry
‘Stevens’ American CranberryOrdering closed for the season
564 Vaccinium macrocarpon The cranberry of holiday sauces, bread and jelly. Dense low lustrous evergreen groundcover loaded with large red berries in fall. Z2. read more


‘Kerstin’Ordering closed for the season
L560 Calluna vulgaris 12x18". Eye-catching! Unexpected coloration just before flowering makes a subtle rainbow. Mauve flowers August to September. Z4. read more
‘Wickwar Flame’Ordering closed for the season
L561 Calluna vulgaris 1-2' x same. Lavender-mauve-pink flowers August through October. Foliage turns from greenish-yellow to completely fiery red. Mind blowing! Z4. read more


‘Balsgard’Ordering closed for the season
L565 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15". High yields of very large deep red berries. Vigorous upright slow grower. May fruit twice in one season. Z2. read more
‘Erntedank’Ordering closed for the season
L566 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Produces heavy yields of small-to-medium berries. 8-12" high. Z2. read more
‘Erntesegen’Ordering closed for the season
L567 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15". High-yielding upright plant produces very large berries. Slightly acid sweet fruit. Z2. read more
‘Linnea’Ordering closed for the season
L569 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12". Berries smaller than other cultivars, but heavy cropper with high vigor bears in late September or early October. Z2. read more
‘Magenta’Ordering closed for the season
L568 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-15" Vigorous cultivar produces large purplish-red berries. Excellent rich flavor. Z2. read more
‘Red Pearl’
‘Red Pearl’Ordering closed for the season
L570 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 12-18". Very adaptable, fast-growing. Large berries. A bit lower yielding, but standard in commercial production as an excellent pollinator. Z2. read more
‘Red Sunset’
‘Red Sunset’Ordering closed for the season
L571 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 8-15''. Medium-to-large firm flavorful berries. Considered one of the most vigorous cultivars. Z2. read more
‘Regal’Ordering closed for the season
L572 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 8-15". Highly ornamental upright plant produces firm small-to-medium berries with good flavor. Vigorous. Z2. read more
‘Sussi’Ordering closed for the season
L573 Vaccinium vitis-idaea 4-8". Tall and spreading vigorous bush with moderate yields of medium berries that fruit on branch tips. Great pollinator for other varieties. Z2. read more
Lingonberry Collection
Lingonberry CollectionOrdering closed for the season
576 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Get your patch going and boost pollination. Fedco’s choice of 4 plants, each a different labeled variety. Great deal! read more


WintergreenOrdering closed for the season
L562 Gaultheria procumbens Aromatic evergreen native groundcover. Glossy dark green leaves. Bell-shaped waxy white flowers in June. Vivid red berries. Self-pollinating. Z3. read more