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Garden Roots


‘Jersey Supreme’Ordering closed for the season
L641 Asparagus officinalis Early all-male hybrid. Produces high yields of large-diameter tender spears in spring. Z4. read more
‘Purple Passion’Ordering closed for the season
L642 Asparagus officinalis Early. Very large deep purple stalk with a creamy white interior. Z4. read more


‘Big Top’ HorseradishOrdering closed for the season
L640 Armoracia rusticana Exceptionally vigorous perennial with large dock-like leaves and spicy hot roots for culinary and medicinal use. Z3. read more


Rhubarb SeedlingOrdering closed for the season
L643 Rheum rhabarbarum Heirloom variety, considered the most important rhubarb variety of the 19th century. Unique seedlings; will show some variation. Z2. read more