Eastern White Cedar sold out
443 Thuja occidentalis 20-60'. Narrow and tall with twiggy branches, soft fibrous orange-brown bark, and distinct flat foliage. Good for screens and hedges. Z2. read more


Balsam Fir sold out for orders received after 12/28/21
437 Abies balsamea 45-75'. Native conifers with fragrant boughs used for wreaths. The best Christmas tree! Semi-shade tolerant. Good hedge tree. Z3. read more


Eastern White Pine sold out
442 Pinus strobus 100'+. Magnificent and massive when mature. Smooth bark becomes rough, deeply furrowed with age. Makes a beautiful hedge. Shade tolerant. Z3. read more


Dawn Redwood sold out for orders received after 12/17/21
438 Metasequoia glyptostroboides 100'. A spectacular ornamental tree! Wide trunk with iridescent golden-orange bark and bright green deciduous needles turn orange in the fall. Z4. read more


‘Misty Blue’ Colorado Blue Spruce sold out for orders received after 1/3/22
441 Picea pungens ‘Glauca’ 30-60'. Very popular specimen tree with truer blue foliage than other varieties. Excellent for privacy screens. Fast growing. Z2. read more
Norway Spruce sold out for orders received after 12/21/21
439 Picea abies 80'. Fast-growing wide-spreading upright picturesque tree with graceful long pendulous branches that often reach the ground. Showy cones. Z2. read more
White Spruce
440 Picea glauca 60-90' x 10-20'. Native conifer, one of the best trees for wind blocks and privacy screens. Adaptable and tolerant to wind, drought and cold. Z2. read more