BeverlyOrdering closed for the season
468 Malus 20x20'. Pink buds and beautiful single white flowers. Light green foliage. Upright spreading dense rounded tree form. Excellent disease resistance. Z3-4. read more
BrandywineOrdering closed for the season
469 Malus 20x20'. Incredibly beautiful fragrant flowers. Deep red buds open to small deep pink double rose-like blossoms. Blooms late. Z4. read more
Crabapple Collection
Crabapple CollectionOrdering closed for the season
484 Malus An assortment of five crabapples chosen by Fedco. Most will be from this year’s catalog but a few rare surprises may be included. read more
DolgoOrdering closed for the season
471 Malus 25x30'. Classic culinary crab. Apricot-pink buds, large fragrant pure white single flowers. Beautiful fruit makes flavorful ruby-red jelly. Z2. read more
GwendolynOrdering closed for the season
472 Malus 20x30'. Pink buds followed by masses of very large single pink fragrant blooms. 1" red fruit. Disease resistant. Z3/4. read more
Purple Prince
Purple PrinceOrdering closed for the season
474 Malus 20x20'. Single purple-pink flowers. Purple-bronze foliage. Half-inch blue-purple persistent fruit. Z read more
RadiantOrdering closed for the season
475 Malus 25x20'. Bright deep red-pink single flowers and bright red fruit. Truly radiant. Upright open rounded vase-shaped tree. Ornamental foliage. Z3-7. read more
Sargent Crabapple, Mt. Auburn strain
Sargent Crabapple, Mt. Auburn strainOrdering closed for the season
476 Malus 8-10' x 20-30'. Pink buds and profuse pure-white fragrant single flowers. Very small dark red-purple persistent fruit. Z4. read more
SelkirkOrdering closed for the season
477 Malus 20x24'. Rose-colored buds open to deep purple-pink single flowers. Glossy deep red fruit hangs on the tree until late October. May be hardy to Z3. read more
Silver Moon
Silver MoonOrdering closed for the season
478 Malus 25x15'. White buds and dense masses of single white flowers. Spectacular late blooms. Persistent fruit. Purple foliage. Probably Z3/4. read more