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Small Trees and Shrubs

Black Haw


Black Haw Ordering closed for the season
568 Viburnum prunifolium 12-15' x 8-12'. Rounded shrub with creamy white cymes in early spring. Suckering habit, but can be pruned. Bluish-black edible fruit clusters in fall. Z3. read more



Nannyberry Ordering closed for the season
566 Viburnum lentago 15-20' x 10-12'. Large shrub with edible blue-black berries. Large clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers. Plant multiples for good pollination. Z2. read more

Wild Raisin


Northern Wild Raisin Ordering closed for the season
565 Viburnum cassinoides 5-6' x same. Dense suckering native shrub. White flowers from spring to early summer. Edible black fruit. Plant more than one for fruit. Z3. read more