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Culinary Perennials

Chives - Organic sold out
L753 Allium schoenoprasm 12" tall. Edible spreading groundcover. Good to eat from early spring to heavy frost. Aromatic pest confuser, emitting bitter aromas that deter critters from the garden. Full to part sun. Z3. read more


Oregano - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L769 Origanum vulgare 18" tall. Low-growing perennial with fragrant green and purple leaves used for culinary purposes. Given plenty space in full sun, it will sprawl and attract many pollinators. Z4. read more


German Winter Thyme - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L772 Thymus vulgaris 10-15" tall. Fragrant sprawling perennial brings depth of flavor to soups, gravies, casseroles. Said to calm the nerves, soothe headaches. Bees love it! Z4. read more

Medicinal Perennials


Arnica chamissonis - Organic sold out
L755 Arnica chamissonis Low spreading groundcover with bright yellow daisy-like flowers used externally in oils and salves to treat bruises, sprains, inflammation. Z3. read more


Chinese Milk Vetch - Organic
L757 Astragalus membranaceus 18-36" tall. Deep-rooted leguminous plant forms an upright bush with small whitish-yellow flowers. Important Chinese medicinal known to rebuild the immune system. Z4. read more

Bee Balms

‘Panorama Reds’ - Organic sold out
L767 Monarda didyma 3-4' tall. Fabulous blooms in a diverse range of red shades destined to attract scads of butterflies and hummingbirds. Z3. read more
Bee Balm
Bradbury’s Monarda - Organic
L766 Monarda bradburiana 2' tall. Midsummer blooms display whorls of pale pink petals speckled with dark purple spots. More compact than Monarda fistulosa. Hummingbird magnet! Z5. read more
Wild Bergamot - Organic sold out for orders received after 1/11/22
L768 Monarda fistulosa 2-4' tall. Our native wildflower species with aromatic lavender blossoms. This is the variety most commonly used for medicinal purposes. Z3. read more


Boneset - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L760 Eupatorium perfoliatum 5-7' tall. Flat-topped clusters of white to lavender flowerheads. Stimulates the immune system. Fetching addition to the perennial border. Z3. read more


Yellow Coneflower - Organic sold out
L758 Echinacea paradoxa 3-5' tall. Bright pure-yellow flowers with drooping petals surround spiky dark brown seed cones—irresistible to gobbling goldfinches! Z3. read more

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm - Organic sold out
L764 Melissa officinalis 24" tall. Lemony leaves are delicious in teas, salads, with fruit or dried for sachets. Attracts pollinators. Z3/4. read more


Licorice - Organic sold out
L761 Glycyrrhiza glabra 3-4' tall. Sweet and soothing roots beneficial for revitalizing adrenal glands and good for colds and bronchitis. Leguminous plant fixes nitrogen in the soil. Z4. read more


Lovage - Organic sold out
L763 Levisticum officinale 6' tall. Glossy green leaves with strong celery taste used to flavor food. Looks like celery with umbelliferous flowers and small oval seeds. Pregnant women avoid. Z3. read more


Marshmallow - Organic
L754 Althaea officinalis 5-8' tall. Beautiful towering medicinal plant. Leaves, flowers and mucilagenous roots are used to soothe mucous membranes. Z4. read more


Chocolate Mint - Organic
L765 Mentha piperita 18-24" tall. Our favorite mint! Bright refreshing peppermint-patty flavor. Freshen your breath, settle your stomach and scent soaps and salves. Z4. read more

Mountain Mint

Mountain Mint - Organic sold out
L770 Pycnanthemum virginianum 30" tall. Makes a tasty minty tea traditionally used to settle indigestion. Spreads readily. Densely flowered, attracts pollinators. Native. Z4. read more


Stinging Nettle - Organic sold out
L773 Urtica dioica 3-6' tall. Young shoots are high in minerals and leaves are delicious steamed as early spring greens. Cooking removes the sting. Spreads readily; choose your site carefully. Z2. read more


Blue Vervain - Organic sold out
L774 Verbena hastata 5-7' tall. Elegant tall branching spikes of vibrant blue-purple flowers. Attracts pollinators. Commonly used as a nervous-system tonic and mild sedative. Full sun. Native to North America. Z3. read more


Wormwood - Organic sold out for orders received after 1/11/22
L756 Artemisia absinthium 3' tall. Shrub-like woody plant with finely cut silvery-grey-green leaves covered with silken white hairs. Frosty backdrop to perennial bed. Aromatic bitter medicinal herb. Z3. read more


Yarrow - Organic
L750 Achillea millefolium 24" tall. A natural anti-inflammatory, cold remedy and fever reducer. White flowers June to September. Excellent orchard companion. Z3. read more

Perennial Plants


Swamp Red Milkweed - Organic sold out
L690 Asclepias incarnata 5' tall. Unique flat-topped clusters of upturned red-rose-colored flowers. Long willow-like leaves. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Native. Z3. read more


New England Aster - Organic sold out
L746 Symphyotrichum novae-angliae 4-6' tall. North American native. Blooms range from blue-purple to lavender-pink with yellow eyes. Z3. read more


Scotch Bellflower - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L693 Campanula rotundifolia 12" tall. Delicate papery lavender-blue bells nod on slender curved stems. Blooms June-Sept. Drought-tolerant. Thrives in dry gravelly soil; moist well-drained soil works too. Full to part sun. Z2. read more


Willow-leaf Bluestar - Organic
L685 Amsonia tabernaemontana var. salicifolia 30" tall. Fine grassy willow-like foliage. Clusters of powder-blue star-shaped florets bloom in early June. Best planted en masse. Adaptable but performs best in full sun to part shade. Z3. read more


Wild Columbine - Organic sold out for orders received after 11/23/21
L686 Aquilegia canadensis 12-24" tall. This eastern North American native features delicate red-spurred sepals with yellow petaled skirts. Blooms late May to early June. Irresistible to hummingbirds! Z3. read more


‘Bocking 14’ Russian Comfrey - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/21/21
L747 Symphytum x uplandicum 24–48" tall. Great companion plant for orchards. Excellent addition to the compost pile. Rich in silica, nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Z3. read more


Prairie Coreopsis - Organic sold out
L695 Coreopsis palmata 2' tall. Prairie plant with sunny yellow flowers. Attracts honeybees. Underground rhizomes can help stabilize hot dry slopes. Full sun in well-drained dry gravelly soil. Blooms June-July. Z3. read more

Culver’s Root

Culver’s Root - Organic sold out
L749 Veronicastrum virginicum 4-6' tall. Elegant towering native plant sends up large flower spikes with densely clustered tiny white blossoms. Attracts pollinators. Z3. read more

Foxglove Beardtongue

Foxglove Beardtongue - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L737 Penstemon digitalis 3' tall. Beckon the birds and bees to your garden with these white to light pink spires covered with nodding tubular bell-shaped flowers. Z3. read more


Stiff Goldenrod - Organic sold out
L727 Oligoneuron rigidum 2-5' tall. The gorgeous yellow-gold vibrancy of goldenrod packed into a dense, showy, flat-topped cluster. Attractive lush slate-green foliage. Z3. read more

Joe Pye Weed

Spotted Joe Pye Weed - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L701 Eutrochium maculatum 4-7' tall. Whimsical flat-topped terminal flower clusters bloom mid-July into August. Seed clusters add unique interest to the winter landscape. Attracts pollinators. Z4. read more

Shasta Daisy

Shasta Daisy
‘Crazy Daisy’ - Organic
L721 Leucanthemum x superbum 24" tall. Double flowers with snow-white petals. Blooms mid-July to fall. Excellent for cutflowers. Z4. read more


Red & Gold Sneezeweed Mix - Organic sold out
L708 Helenium autumnale 4-5' tall. Rich and blazing scheme of bronze, brown, crimson and yellow for a vibrant end-of-summer display. Easy to grow, excellent cutflower. Z3. read more


Ohio Spiderwort - Organic
L748 Tradescantia ohiensis 3' tall. Add shades of blue to your native pollinator garden with attractive blue-green grass-like foliage and lavender-blue flowers. Blossoms May-July. Tolerates both clay and sandy soils. Z4. read more


‘Summer Pastels’ - Organic sold out for orders received after 12/15/21
L677 Achillea millefolium 24" tall. Colors include soft shades of pink, red, white, yellow, salmon, orange, mauve and lavender. Z3. read more