‘Beauty of Moscow’
‘Beauty of Moscow’Ordering closed for the season
536 Syringa vulgaris 12x8'. Dazzling pearly lavender-pink buds open to delicate double light pink-shaded white flowers. Later than other vulgaris types. Z3. read more
‘Ludwig Späeth’
‘Ludwig Späeth’Ordering closed for the season
538 Syringa vulgaris 10-12' x same. Deep rich purple flowers are always a knock-out. Single flowers on large upright spires. Upright growth habit. Z3. read more
‘Minuet’Ordering closed for the season
535 Syringa x tribrida 6-8 x 4-6'. Low-growing compact dwarf lilac with late-season rosy single pink blooms. Leaves are oval and dark green. Disease and pest resistant. Z3. read more
‘Mount Baker’
‘Mount Baker’Ordering closed for the season
534 Syringa x hyacinthiflora 8x10'. Prolific single heavily fragrant lovely showy white blooms. Large shrub blooms about 2 weeks before most other lilacs. Extremely hardy. Z2/3. read more
‘President Grevy’
‘President Grevy’Ordering closed for the season
539 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x 12'. Lavender-pink buds, fragrant double light violet blue-tinted flowers. Not as blue as President Lincoln but still very nice. Hardy. Z3. read more
Common Purple
Common PurpleOrdering closed for the season
537 Syringa vulgaris 12-15' x same. A mass of medium-light purple blooms. A magnificent New England sight for nearly 400 years. The best lilac for a spreading hedge. Z2. read more