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Cane Fruit

Black Raspberries

Jewel BlackOrdering closed for the season
392 Midsummer. Large firm juicy glossy fruit. Superb quality and rich sweet flavor. Excellent fresh and for processing. High-yielding. Z4. read more


NelsonOrdering closed for the season
394 Midsummer. Moderately large and quite juicy fruit with true blackberry taste. Highly productive. Z3/4. read more

Everbearing Raspberries

Everbearing Raspberry
AnneOrdering closed for the season
385 Late. Everbearing sweet flavorful pale yellow raspberry. Large cohesive firm conic fruit stores decently. Z4. read more
August RedOrdering closed for the season
386 Late. Medium-large crimson everbearing raspberry has excellent flavor. Rare. Compact bush. Z3. read more
Everbearing Raspberry
PolanaOrdering closed for the season
387 Late. Very early fruiting large firm everbearing red raspberry. Good flavor. Vigorous and productive short canes. Z4. read more

Summer-bearing Raspberries

Summer-bearing Raspberry
BoyneOrdering closed for the season
388 Early-Mid. Round-conic medium-sized raspberries with an intense deep dark color. Strong aromatic tart flavor and perfect medium-soft texture. Z3. read more
Summer-bearing Raspberry
KillarneyOrdering closed for the season
389 Early. Summer-bearing. Excellent quality medium-to-large round deep-red crumbly berries. Consistent yields. Z4. read more
LathamOrdering closed for the season
390 Mid. Large berries are firm, a little crumbly and sweet. Full-flavored and aromatic. Great for fresh eating, canning, freezing, jam, juice or pie. Z3. read more
Royalty PurpleOrdering closed for the season
391 Mid. Cohesive fairly firm large red raspberries Distinctive flavor for fresh eating; outstanding for jam and jelly. Z3/4. read more