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Tender Summer Bulbs


Fragrant Gladiolus sold out
L779 Gladiolus murielae 12-18" tall. Sword-like foliage is topped by wonderfully scented star-shaped white flowers with mahogany-purple centers on arching stems. Beautiful in the garden or as a cutflower. Z7. read more
Large-Flowering Glad Mix sold out
L776 Gladiolus 36" tall. A mercurial mix of colors, stripes, stipples, bicolors, tricolors, and everything else under the sun—what fun! read more
Mardi Gras Mix sold out
L777 Gladiolus 36" tall. A bright and celebratory mix of blossoms in shades of purplish-pink and peachy-gold on vibrant green foliage. read more
Nanus Glad Mix
L778 Gladiolus 24" tall. Marvelous miniature glads in mixed colors, bicolors and butterfly types. Very satisfying clumped in a bed or as cuts. They’re just darling! Z6. read more