Yukihikari Rice - Sustainably Grown


Yukihikari Rice - Sustainably Grown

Oryza sativa
(120 days) Open-pollinated Land Race variety from northern Japan. A lowland rice, Yukihikari is loosely translated from Japanese as ‘light snow’, which perhaps coincides with its harvest in colder climates. This short grain light brown rice is hands down the most complex and floral rice we offer, with notes of sesame, maple syrup and citrus. It is also our highest yielding rice in the right conditions. it can work in Zone 5b in paddies from direct sowing but does best from transplants. Grows best in well-saturated soil, especially as the roots are small. Doesn’t need flooding or paddies, but they help. Japanese varieties are the easiest with post harvest processing. There is some research to indicate that this low-allergen rice has some immune regulatory function.

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The selections here are rare heirloom varieties especially chosen for small- or homestead-scale production. Revived interest in food security and sovereignty inspires us to seek edible and heirloom grains. Most of them are also decorative in both form and color, making great accents to bouquets and wreaths. In the early 1800s Maine was the breadbasket of the U.S. Wheat and rice do not demand huge space and can be threshed with a little ingenuity. With good fertility, proper spacing and reasonable diligence, it is quite possible to harvest 10 lb of heirloom wheat from 100 plants in a 10x10' plot. A 100' row of rice can yield 6–10 lb.

Larger-scale growers and farmers, those seeking larger quantities of more mainstream varieties, or those looking for cover crops should check out the Organic Growers Supply list of Farm Seed.

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