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Opopeo Amaranth - Organic
4300 Amaranthus hybridus (65 days to flower, 125 days to seed) Open-pollinated. Is it a green vegetable? An ornamental? A gluten-free grain? Why, yes. No wonder Amaranth was sacred in pre-Columbian Mexico. read more


Burbank Hulless Barley - ECO
4303 Hordeum vulgare Open-pollinated. An historic 6-rowed barley selected by Luther Burbank from California hulless barley. In his final seed catalog he called it “one of [his] greatest grain creations.” read more


Terra Hulless Oats - Organicnot available yet, check back later
4309 Avena nuda (100 days) Open-pollinated. Grain that’s easier to thresh than most other oats, though it still has a small hull that must be removed. A good variety to re-introduce growing grain on home ground. read more


Akamuro - ECO
4310 Oryza sativa (105 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. Heirloom from Hokkaido, Japan. Fast-maturing lowland rice. Aromatic seeds mature from pearly white to red to burnt orange. Zone 4b hardy from transplant. read more
Duborskian - ECOnot available yet, check back later
4312 Oryza sativa (115 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. Upland short-grain hardy Russian variety adapted to dry-land production. Can withstand a light frost. May be direct seeded in warmer regions. read more
Yukihikari - ECOnot available yet, check back later
4315 Oryza sativa (120 days) Open-pollinated. Short grain light brown rice, can work in Zone 5b in paddies from direct sowing but does best from transplants. read more
Yukimochi - ECO
4311 Oryza sativa
(120 days) A landrace lowland variety from northern Japan, Yukimochi is a pearly white short-grain sweet-sticky rice—think mochi! The... read more


Texicoa Sorghum - Organic
4316 Sorghum bicolor (100 days) Open-pollinated. A white-seeded 4' grain sorghum, can be popped, but it is more commonly ground into a mild-flavored flour, cooked as a grain, or sometimes nixtamalized like corn and made into tortillas. read more

Specialty Greens

Specialty Green
Red Calaloo
4301 Amaranthus tricolor (120 days) Open-pollinated. Very red Jamaican traditional green for Calaloo stew. Beautiful tricolor blaze makes it ornamental as well. read more


Tarwinot available yet, check back later
4314 Lupinus mutabilis (130 days, longer to seed) Open-pollinated. “Lost” crop of the Incas. Wild-looking 3' lupine native to the high Andes. Attractive, many-colored flowers. Protein-rich seeds. read more


Sirvinta Winter Wheat - Organicnot available yet, check back later
4330 Triticum aestivum Open-pollinated. Awnless hard red winter type adapted to moister, forest-based soils. read more