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Full Heart Bataviansold out
3092 Cichorium endivia
(85 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Escarole. Although very similar to Broad-Leaved, we liked this strain better for being... read more
Speckled Friz Chickendiva - Organicunavailable, supply unavailable
3075 Chicorium intybus x Chicorium endivia (80 days) Open-pollinated. Chicory crossed with endive. More tender than chicory, more cold hardy and ornamental than endive. A range of forms, textures and flavors. read more
Très Fine Maraîchère Olesh - Organic
3063 Cichorium endivia (42 days) Open-pollinated. French heirloom. Large frizzy sweet endive with very fine ribs. For late spring and early summer harvests. read more