Fedco’s Guidelines for Seed Orders Shipped to Canada

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All orders shipping to Canada must be placed online. Payment must be made by credit card. Only orders from Fedco Seeds (vegetable, herb or flower seeds) are available for shipment to Canada. All of our prices are in U.S. dollars. You must log in with a Canadian postal code to check out with a Canadian shipping address. Moving to any other division will log you out and you will need to log back in to continue with your seed order. We do not ship items to Canada from our other divisions.

To avoid excessive US export documentation, we will not ship more than $2500 of seeds in a given class (e.g. roughly beans, corn, squash…flowers, etc.). We are not actively preventing you from ordering more than the limit in a given category, but we are screening orders before they are shipped.

To minimize import documentation and avoid seed import fees, we follow Canada’s seed import “small lot” exemption. Seed limits are as follows:

  • Small seeds: (more than 200 seeds per gram, such as carrots or broccoli) are limited to 500 grams per named variety.
  • Large seeds: (200 seeds per gram or fewer, such as beans, corn, squash, beets, etc.) are limited to 5000 grams per named variety.
Items or quantities limited by these guidelines are marked “not available for shipment to Canada” and ordering for these is disabled (a few other items, such as seed racks, potassium nitrate, etc., also use this designation). If a combination of sizes exceeds these limits, your order will need to be adjusted before it can be completed.

All orders are shipped by mail (first class or priority). Shipping charges are based on the combination of seed, packet and packaging weights. Typically, your order will take one to two weeks for delivery. Once it leaves our warehouse there is limited tracking and the timing is somewhat at the whim of the post office and Canadian customs. This can delay things considerably (and possibly add taxes, duties, or fees; or requests for documentation). As you are the importer of record, these issues are your responsibility.

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  • Refunds will be paid by cheque drawn on US dollars and included with your order.
  • Bulk Discounts apply. Additional orders over $50 receive your previous order’s discount, if it is higher than your current order’s discount.
  • No Group orders made up of multiple pieces. You may combine your orders into one order, which can be screened for weight limits per variety.
  • No backorders. Items known in advance to be on backorder are marked online as “on backorder; not available now” and ordering them is disabled. Items that go on backorder after your order has been placed, but before it is shipped, will be marked “sold out” and you will receive a refund. You can reorder these items by checking the website for current status and placing an another order when they become available.
  • No add-ons. Orders are final, once they have been placed. Please place another order for any additional items.

For more information see “The ABCs of Seed Importation into Canada”.

For a list of organic seed varieties that are certified organic in accordance with the terms of the U.S.-Canada Organic Equivalency Arrangement, please see our Organic Certificate.