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948 Cucumis melo (77 days) F-1 hybrid. Thick silky firm orange flesh. Tan-green round 3 lb fruit. Harvest at full slip and ripen off the vine 1-3 days. read more
916 Cucumis melo (70 days) F-1 hybrid. Ivory-colored flesh with tropical fruity overtones tested as high as 15.5 Brix. Greenish-orange skin shows scant netting and blushes as the fruits ripen. read more
927 Cucumis melo (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Majorly large oblong 4-6 lb fruits, smooth deep golden-yellow skin. Buttery, sorbet-textured white flesh with honey sweet flavor. read more
Prescott Fond Blanc
942 Cucumis melo (88 days) Open-pollinated. Outside: wrinkled bumpy warted puffy-looking grey-green rock. Inside: green, yellow and deep orange juicy melting dense flesh. Rich aroma. read more

Galia-type Melons

Galia-type Melon
Arava - Organic
958 Cucumis melo (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Green flesh. Round uniform 1.5-3 lb fruit with light but full net. Skin blushes yellow as fruit ripens. Harvest at full slip. read more
Galia-type Melon
960 Cucumis melo (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Oval fruit, dense green sweet flesh and a small seed cavity. Average 4 lbs. read more

Honeydew Melons

Honeydew Melon
Uncle Paul
964 Cucumis melo (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Dense orange rich honey-flavored flesh. Averages 3 lbs, oval-round shape. Early, reliable and productive in the North. read more


975 Cucumis melo (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Orange flesh. Oval-to-round, 2.5-4 lb fruit with full net and light ribs. Harvest at full slip. Excellent holding and shipping. read more
Halona not available yet, check back after Late January
970 Cucumis melo (74 days) F-1 hybrid. Thick orange flesh with small seed cavity. Oval 6" diameter 3 lb fruit with medium net. Very early ripening from TP. Harvest at full slip. read more
Hannah’s Choice
979 Cucumis melo (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Deep orange flesh. Oval 3-5 lb fruit, medium net. Harvest at full slip. Excellent flavor. read more
Hearts of Gold not available yet, check back later
981 Cucumis melo (85 days) Open-pollinated. 2-3 lb orange-fleshed muskmelon with a thin rind and thick richly flavored flesh. read more
Home Run
978 Cucumis melo (82 days) F-1 hybrid. Early out of the field. Thick dense musky orange flesh. 4-6 lb coarsely netted oval fruits. Easy to pick at full slip. read more
Montreal Market - Organic
986 Cucumis melo (89 days) Open-pollinated. Green-fleshed heirloom, once the most widely grown in Canada, New England. Netted and ribbed fruits with aromatic silky texture. Can get quite large. read more
Pride of Wisconsin - Organic
984 Cucumis melo (88 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Salmon-colored flesh with small seed cavity. Large oval coarsely netted 5-7 lb fruit. read more
996 Cucumis melo (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Complex flavor, sweet white flesh. Round 2-4 lb fruit with sparse net. Green skin turns orangey-yellow when ripe. Harvest at full slip. read more
Sugar Cube
977 Cucumis melo (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Thick, deep orange flesh. 4" diameter. 1.5 lb fruit. read more