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Blue Bedder
5406 Salvia farinacea Open-pollinated. True blue flower spikes are abundant for weeks on bushy 3' plants. Grey-green foliage. read more
Tricolor Salvianot available yet, check back later
5419 Salvia viridis Open-pollinated. White and blue flowers set off by large pink-to-purple bracts. Leaves entirely green. Remains colorful when dried. 18" stalks. read more


Broadleaf Sage
4664 Salvia officinalis Open-pollinated. Grows up to 3', with fuzzy grey-green oblong leaves and blue flowers. Used fresh or dried. read more
Clary Sage - Organicnot available yet, check back later
4669 Salvia sclarea
Biennial to Zone 5. Spectacular showy spikes of large lavender and white flowers in early to midsummer of the second year attract... read more