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Asian Greens


Early Mizuna - Organic
3226 Brassica rapa (japonica group) (40 days) Open-pollinated. Japanese heirloom. Deeply cut fringed leaves on slender white stalks. For microgreens, cut-and-come-again, succession plantings and baby leaf production. read more
Even'Star Chinese Thick-Stem - Organic
3257 Brassica juncea (47 days mesclun, 62 full size) Open-pollinated. Sweet succulent ribs and moderately pungent winter-hardy greens. Good for summer mesclun; excellent cut-and-come-again. read more
Garnet Giant - Organic
3217 Brassica juncea (20 days baby; 45 days mature) Open-pollinated. A favorite for cutting at the purple baby stage. Vibrant maroon slightly toothed leaves on lime-green stems. Good for salads or braising. read more
Golden Frill - Organic
3236 Brassica juncea (20 days baby, 40 days mature) Open-pollinated. Light golden-green leaves are curled and lacy, add lift to salad mixes. Mustardy zing. Resists bolting in heat. read more
Green Wave
3243 Brassica juncea (45 days) Open-pollinated. Best-adapted mustard for northern climates. Hot mustardy flavor. Will come back when cut. Slow to bolt. Can be overwintered. read more
Hon Tsai Tai
3205 Brassica rapa (37 days) Open-pollinated. Produces many pencil-thick deep purple flowering shoots with pleasing mild mustard flavor. Grows best in cool weather. read more
Lady Murasaki
3216 Brassica rapa (45 days) F-1 hybrid. Slow-growing 8-10" deep purple rounded leaves stand beautifully, and are mild and delectable all the way through the season. read more
Maruba Santoh
3209 Brassica rapa (pekinensis group) (35 days) Open-pollinated. Loose round chartreuse leaves, flat white stems, and blossoms, all edible. Can be cut small for mesclun. Fair bolt tolerance. read more
Mizspoona Salad Selects Gene Pool - Organic
3229 Brassica rapa (40 days) Open-pollinated. Medium-dark green variably shaped leaves. Zingy. Excellent for salads or braised. read more
Osaka Purple - Organic
3247 Brassica juncea (45 days) Open-pollinated. Purple-streaked foliage and succulent broad stems. Spicy. Used for mesclun and braising. read more
Purple Rapa Mix Gene Pool - Organic
3249 Brassica rapa (45 days) Open-pollinated. Tall frilly medium-hot serrated green leaves with purple veins and shading, with nice variation among plants. read more
Red Giant - Organic
3245 Brassica juncea (integlifolia group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Japanese heirloom. Large purple-tinted savoyed leaves. Peppery flavor. Standard mesclun ingredient. Cold tolerant. read more
Ruby Streaks - Organic
3227 Brassica juncea (40 days) Open-pollinated. Bold purple-blushed delicately serrated mizuna-type leaves with sweet an spicy flavor. For spring and fall plantings. Bolts in heat. read more
3218 Brassica rapa (40 days) F-1 hybrid. Productive open plant habit with delicious round medium-green leaves. Spring sowings tolerate drought and heat into fall. Can be overwintered in warm climates. read more
3220 Brassica rapa (narinosa group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Spoon-shaped dark green leaves in compact rosettes. Very hardy. Cut-and-come-again. read more
Tatsoi - Organic
3221 Brassica rapa (narinosa group) (45 days) Open-pollinated. Spoon-shaped dark green leaves in compact rosettes. Very hardy. Cut-and-come-again. read more
White-Flowered Kailaan
3204 Brassica oleracea (45-60 days) F-1 hybrid. Also called Chinese Broccoli. Grown for succulent stems, leaves and florets. Uses and flavor similar to broccoli. Tolerant to heat and cold. read more
Yukina Savoy - Organic
3219 Brassica rapa (45 days full size; 21 baby) Open-pollinated. Grows in rosettes like tatsoi, but bigger, more upright with leaves less shiny and more puckered. Harvest young for salad greens or mature for braising. read more


Yellow (White) Mustard Seed
4642 Sinapis alba (70-85 days) Open-pollinated. As easy to grow as the leafy mustards. The variety of mustard most familiar to American palates, but pallid without the addition of turmeric. read more