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Dye Plants

Dyer’s Coreopsis Mix
Dye Plant
Dyer’s Coreopsis Mix
5904CS Coreopsis tinctoria Beautiful native ornamental. Provides a full palette of color from yellows and greens to rusts and browns-and even black. read more
Hopi Black Dye Sunflower
Dye Plant
Hopi Black Dye Sunflower OG
5906HO Helianthus annuus (90-100 days) Rare indigenous heirloom used as a natural dye source for coloring baskets purplish charcoal. Also edible. 8' stalks. read more
Dye Plant
5911ND Polygonum tinctorium Japanese indigo preferred by dyers in Maine. A tender annual, indigo thrives in fertile soil and likes heat and humidity. read more
Maddersold out
5913MD Rubia tinctorum Ancient and excellent source of red dye. Harvest roots after three years and grind to yield a wash- and light-fast red dye par excellence. 4' plants. read more
Soapwortsold out
5920SW Saponaria officinalis Not a dye plant; saponin-rich roots and leaves used to gently wash wool. Sweetly clove-scented pink perennial attracts pollinators. 3' plant. read more
Weldunavailable, crop failure
5928WD Reseda luteola Used since antiquity, weld is said to be the best natural source of wash-fast and light-fast deep yellow dye. Attractive to bees. read more