Ordering from Fedco Seeds

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To enable ordering from our online catalog, enter your email address and ZIP Code or Canadian postal code. Our secure check-out takes all major cards.

We send an email confirmation of your order automatically upon receipt. If you don’t see it, check your Offers folder, or your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, let us know, and we will manually re-send it.

Three methods to build your order:

  • Browse the online catalog. When you see an item you’re interested in, you can mouse over the item image until the “Quick View” button appears, then click that to order from the Quick View box.
  • You can also click through to individual item pages, and select ordering options below the item description.
  • Use our simple form to enter stock numbers from a marked-up paper catalog; we’ll confirm the name and price. Or use the bulk entry option to upload from a spreadsheet or text file.

To place an order by mail, please use the Fedco Seeds 2024 order form from the center of our catalog, or download it here.

We do not take fax or phone orders.

Seeds Discounts

Bulk Pricing is based on your order total. Orders with subtotals over $1,200 receive a 20% discount

Once you meet the bulk pricing threshold, additional orders qualify for bulk pricing if they are ordered from the same address.

Consumer Member Discount: Consumer members of the Cooperative earn a 5% discount on all orders. If you log in using the email address we have in our member database, the discount will apply automatically. If you are a member and the discount does not appear, please write us a note in the Order Comments space on the final checkout page; we will verify and refund you as appropriate.

Group orders: We take group orders online or by mail. Group coordinators and group members click here for info, including how to form a new group.

Seeds Deadlines

The final order date for vegetable, flower and herb seeds is October 30, 2024.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, and Fedco gift certificates. Payment must accompany all orders. (Except, government agencies and non-profit organizations should call us to set up your Purchase Order before you order.)

For mailed orders, we accept checks and money orders as well as cards.

We will charge your card when we receive your order. We will send you a bill or refund for any adjustments as each order is completed.

Sales tax

Orders shipped to Maine addresses and all pickup customers pay 5.5% sales tax. A ruling by the Supreme Court mandates we collect local taxes in states that require us to do so.

TAX EXEMPT? Farms and retailers: We need a copy of your state resale certificate or farm exemption, otherwise we must charge sales tax.

  • For mail orders, send us a photocopy of your certificate.
  • For online orders, please email us at questions@fedcoseeds.com with a scan of your tax exemption certificate before placing your order.
Maine addresses and all pickups Pay 5.5% sales tax on Adjusted Total
CO, IL, MA, MD, MI, UT, VA Pay your local tax rate on Adjusted Total
AK, CT, GA, IN, KY, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WA, WI, WV Pay your local tax rate on Adjusted Total plus Shipping

Seeds Shipping and Handling Charges

All Seed orders (other than pickup orders) under $50 pay a $6 shipping charge, regardless of how much you ordered from other divisions, or earlier in the season from Seeds.

For orders $50 and up, shipping to US destinations is free for Seeds, items 0200-5999.

For shipping rates to Canadian destinations, click here .

Shipping Schedule

We ship via ground shipping. Please let us know if you require mail delivery.

We begin daily shipping of seed orders in mid-December, 2023.

We pull and ship orders according to the date we receive them. No special rush service.

From early May through October 31, we ship twice a week, usually Tuesday and Thursday. For quickest turnaround time order online by noon Monday or Wednesday.

We send an email with tracking info when your order leaves the warehouse. More than 99% of out-going orders arrive safely and on time. Contact us promptly if your order seems to have dropped into the ether.

If you’d like us to hold your order for a later shipping date, please write us a note in the Order Comments space on the final checkout page.

Pickup Orders

For public safety during the pandemic, please let us ship your order. Remember, shipping is free on orders over $50.

If you need to choose this option, you may pick up your Fedco Seeds order at our Organic Growers Supply warehouse at 688 Bellsqueeze Rd. Building 2 in Clinton, ME 04927.

The OGS warehouse is open Monday–Friday 9AM–3PM (July–December: Tuesday–Thursday 9AM–3PM).

We will send you an email within a week of receiving your order, confirming that your order is ready for you to pick up.

Substitution Policy

If one of your items is not available we may substitute a similar item at no additional cost to you.

No Returns

No returns or exchanges of seed. If you bought it, it’s yours! See limited guarantee for defective products, only.


Backorders are shipped throughout the season, finishing by late March. Crops needing an early start are shipped ASAP.

Bulk Orders

To order quantities of four or more times the largest size listed here please email questions@fedcoseeds.com for availability and a price quote.

Still have questions?

Call 207-426-9900 or send an email to questions@fedcoseeds.com.