Fedco Seeds variety changes for 2019

New Seed Varieties for 2019
283Monte Gusto bean: If you don’t have gusto, please exit the bean patch!
2152 Eagle beet: High-flying summer performance!
3328 Burgundy non-heading broccoli: A sun-kissed vintage!
3412 Flame Star cauliflower: A stellar head for the oven’s fire!
1335 Longfellow cucumber: “This cuke of mine/ Is a Song of the vine.”
3679 Annina eggplant OG: Shares a name with Heron’s niece!
3092 Full Heart Batavian endive: Overflowing with tender feelings!
3195 Turkish Rocket: Turkish delight!
3465 Dazzling Blue kale OG: The kale patch just got even snazzier!
3470 Konan kohlrabi: Barbarically good!
2763 Elf Ears Oak lettuce OG: Great for Middle Earth gardens!
2815 Optima lettuce OG: Optimize your butterhead enjoyment!
2855 Jadeite lettuce OG: Carve out your mini-salad!
2713 Gildenstern lettuce OG: No duplicity with this mini-iceberg!
2924 Crispino lettuce OG: ’Cause like, it’s crispy... ’n stuff.
977 Sugar Cube melon: Resists almost everything; impossible to resist!
2441 Glacier Rose shallot OG: Your rows of Glacier won’t reseed!
2443 EdZs Red shallot: Uniform deliciousness flows through its veins!
720 Strike shell pea: Right over the plate!
758 Emerald Archer pea: Hits the bullseye for flavor!
780 Champion of England shell pea: Britomart’s side dish!
885 Amish Snap Pea: Stick with tradition!
891 Tendersweet snap pea: Tender and sweetacan’t be beat!
3739 Corona pepper: Rarified gaseous envelope of the sun, in a pepper!
3764 Apple pepper OG: Laura already bites peppers like apples!
3825 Carrot Bomb pepper OG: Explosive crunch for your lunch!
3811 Caballero Ancho/Poblano: Qué problema, caballero?
1725 Naked Bear pumpkin: Because it’s not right to make a bear wear pants!
1745 Bellatrix pumpkin OG: Perfect face for a wicked Lestrange grin!
2230 Pink Lady Slipper radish: Rare, provocative, evanescent!
2245 Pearl radish OG: Sow a string of pearls for your sweetie!
4050 Bizhiki tomato OG: Buffalo comes thundering back!
4052 KC 146 tomato OG: The inspiration was all spent in breeding!
4239 Arbason tomato OG: Sounds pretty serious!
4058 Cherokee Green tomato OG: A new fruit from old roots!
4290 Plum Regal tomato: In case Harry and Meghan come to dinner!
4033 Copper Beauty tomato: This treasure will never be tarnished!
4035 Tropical Sunset cherry tomato: Taste paradise in your tomato patch!
4111 Sweet Aperitif cherry tomato: Tiny tomatoes to garnish cocktails!
4112 Flaming Burst tomato: Golden pears will meteor into your mouth!
4265 Cherry Bomb tomato OG: Explosive, but won’t blow off your hand!
1045 Fantasy watermelon OG: Organic. Big. For the North. Swipe Right!
4560 Seed Fennel OG: Bred to bolt!
4832 Hot Biscuits Amaranth OG: HOT BISCUITS!!!
5017 Cupcakes Cosmos OG: Sweet and dainty!
5050 Purple Ballerina Datura OG: May become your principal dancer!
5111 Grace Mix Godetia OG: Graces your garden!
5157 White Finch Laceflower OG: Goldfinches are for the sunflowers!
5308 Frizzle Sizzle Pansy: A hot new perm for the flower garden?
5385 Dara Queen Anne’s Lace OG: Dara say carrot again?
5720 Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix Zinnia OG: Jim Baggett’s got taste!
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333 Limelight bean: Back in the limelight!
334 Black Coco bean: Delicious and easy to grow!
335 Tiger’s Eye bean: It’s the thrill of the bean pot!
320 Mitla bean: Not a tepary but has lots of tepary qualities!
366 Agate Pinto bean: Bushy semi-precious legume!
388 Saturday Nite Special bean: Take this bean out on the town!
280 Northeaster bean: The only nor’easter we want!
3306 Solstice broccoli: The zenith of cultivars!
2051 Nantes Fancy carrot: For all you fancy-nantes out there!
2787 De Morges Braun lettuce: A bronze beauty!
2841 Nancy lettuce OG: Better than Tonya any day!
2877 Marshall lettuce OG: Stands out in its department!
2886 Winter Wonderland lettuce OG: White Rabbit approved!
2490 Rossa di Milano onion OG: Long-keeping, red and Italian!
792 Alderman pea: Stepped out of the town office back into the garden!
884 Mega snap pea OG: Better than any kilo pea!
3741 Amish Pimiento pepper: Can be grown without electricity!
1596 Jade Dragon bitter melon: This dragon is no myth!
4097 Ruby Gold tomato: It’s precious!
4886 Panorama Red Bee Balm: The bees will paint your garden red!
4912 Kablouna Mix calendula: Goddess of our seedroom!
4930 Blue Clips Bellflower: Take this Bell to the ball!
5371 Fluffy Ruffles poppy OG: Replacing old fave, Ruffy Fluffles!