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Greens Mixes

Greens Mix
Braising MixOrdering temporarily unavailable
2998  (40 days) Open-pollinated. Quick-growing mix for an abundant supply of greens for your buddha bowl. read more
Greens Mix - OrganicOrdering temporarily unavailable
2993 Open-pollinated. Five or more kinds chosen from among arugulas, beets, chards, chervil, mustards, orachs, purslane, and kales. All organic, exact components vary. read more
Greens Mix
MesclunOrdering temporarily unavailable
2992 Open-pollinated. Two packets: one mixed lettuces, one mixed greens. Plant lettuces first, then greens for fabulous salad mixes. Cut then water, and they grow again. read more
Greens Mix
Mustard MixOrdering temporarily unavailable
2996 Open-pollinated. Grow to mix with your lettuces for more interest in your salad bowl. Or use for braising greens mix. read more