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Bush Wax Beans
Gold Rush
Gold Rush OGBush Wax Bean
265RO  (54 days) Open-pollinated. Straight round stringless tender yellow pods with green tips. High yields, holds well. read more
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Pole Beans
Purple PoddedPole Bean
288PP (70 days) Open-pollinated. Discovered by Henry Fields in the Ozark Mountains in the 1930s, this purple-podded heirloom is favored by old-timers in... read more
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2028CL (55 days) Open-pollinated. Heron happened upon this hard-to-find Euro specialty carrot in a Spanish seed catalog, where it was mysteriously the... read more
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Cole Crops
Brussels Sprouts
HestiaBrussels Sprouts
3334HT (93 days) F-1 hybrid. If you have trouble growing decent brussels sprouts, here at last is a variety that is early and easy. Only the second... read more
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Freed Seed CollectionCollection
5934OS Support the seed commons! 8 packets of OSSI-pledged varieties that includes lettuces, greens, leeks/onions, watermelon, calendula and more. read more
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The Kitchen Herb GardenCollection
5938KH A collection of 7 classic culinary herbs: Basil, parsley, cilantro, dill and more. Grow in pots or in the garden. read more
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Plenty of Peppers CollectionCollection
5940PP A collection of sweets, fryers and hots. Seven varieties, one for every dish. read more
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Bicolor Sweet Corn
CappuccinoBicolor Sweet Corn
590CP (78 days) Synergistic F-1 hybrid. Farmer and Fedco staffer Hannah Hamilton asks “Who is this barista-gone-corn-breeder?” The answer is Seneca... read more
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Lattesold out, substitute 574.
572LT (68 days) Synergistic F-1 hybrid. We know what you’re thinking: How could we replace Luscious with a corn named after a bourgie coffee drink? But... read more
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Yellow Sweet Corn
CafeYellow Sweet Corn
506CF (68 days) Synergistic F-1 hybrid. For many of us, the first and most important stop of the day is our local coffee purveyor. Super early-bird... read more
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InfernoYellow Sweet Corn
520FN (73 days) Synergistic F-1 hybrid. Fitting name for the 2016 Dante’s Summer endured in the Northeast. In the extremely dry “growing” season, the... read more
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Red Flint
Red FlintAgeratum
4815RF  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Dense fuzzy purplish-red heads on sturdy 2' stems. Good cut, as well as dried. read more
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Purple Kisses CarrotCarrot
4936PK Daucus carota (120 days) Open-pollinated. Mauvey lacy Queen Anne’s Lace look-alike. read more
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China Asters
Super Andrella
Super AndrellaChina Aster
4860SP Callistephus chinensis Open-pollinated. Large single daisy-like flowers in pinks, purples, yellow, red, white, with yellow centers. 2-3' tall. read more
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Drumstick Flower
Drumstick Flower
5072DR Crespedia globosa (100 days) Open-pollinated. Globular dimpled 3/4" yellow flower heads set atop durable 18" stems. read more
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Marigold - French
Court Jester
Court JesterMarigold - French
5226CJ Tagetes patula (100 days) Open-pollinated. Small single striped flowers with bright stripes of burgundy and yellow. Good for bouquets. 20" tall. read more
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More grains and other cover crops are available from Organic Growers Supply
4310AM Oryza sativa (105 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. A fast-maturing lowland rice, aka means ‘red’ in Japanese, and muro means ‘root cellar’... read more
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Hayayuki OGRice
4311HY Oryza sativa (105 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. A lowland rice, hayayuki is Japanese for the first snow of the season, which perhaps... read more
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Titanio RoseRice
4313TT Oryza sativa (120 days from transplant) Open-pollinated. An upland short-grain brown rice from Italy. Used for risotto with creamy texture and... read more
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3049PT (80 days) Open-pollinated. I love the enthusiasm of gardeners who, upon hearing I work for Fedco, regale me with tales of their favorite... read more
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Valerian OG
4690VO Valeriana officinalis Open-pollinated. Known as Nature’s Tranquilizer or Herbal Valium, valerian root is used to reduce tension and anxiety,... read more
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Canary Melon
MayorCanary Melon
927MM (85 days) F-1 hybrid. A Spanish-bred canary whose name translates to ‘bigger.’ The blocky oblong deep golden-yellow 4–6 lb fruits with white flesh... read more
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Onions and Leeks
2472PT (104 days) F-1 hybrid. 2016 is a time of great partings. Which is worse: losing Obama as president or losing Copra onion? We all knew the end was... read more
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2487TL (110 days) F-1 hybrid. We’re going to make onions great again! With tremendous Talon comes braggadocio. Nothing subtle about these... read more
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Rampssold out
2433RM Allium tricoccum (6-18 months) Open-pollinated. Sometimes called Wild Leeks. This bulb-forming perennial is a spring ephemeral in my area but it... read more
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Red Onions
Cabernet OGRed Onion
2445CO (90 days) F-1 hybrid. Every season, we northern-tier growers fret over the always-late red onions. Will they fully ripen, cure and keep? Cabernet... read more
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Ed’s Red OGunavailable, crop failure
2441EO (105 days) Open-pollinated. Three years ago when we were looking for a Prisma replacement we put a couple open-pollinated candidates into our... read more
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Hot Peppers
Chimayo OGHot Pepper
3829HO (70 days) Open-pollinated. Named for a New Mexico town at the base of the Rockies where these smoky complex richly flavored, but not terribly hot... read more
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Sweet Peppers
AconcaguaSweet Pepper
3769AC (85 days) Open-pollinated. The highest peak in both the Western and Southern hemispheres, Aconcagua in Argentina stands a lofty 22,841 ft. It is... read more
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Chocolate CakeSweet Pepper
3737CC (90 days) Open-pollinated. In these times of gluten, dairy and sugar avoidance, here’s a Chocolate Cake everyone can enjoy. In taste tests this... read more
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Winter Radishes
Hild’s Blauer OGsold out
2273HO (80 days) Open-pollinated. Our romance with Hild’s Blauer started eight years ago, at first a flirtation based on looks—exquisite skin color, more... read more
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SaitaroWinter Radish
2285ST (69 days) F-1 hybrid. Like a stark late January moon crossed by clouds, Winter Light daikon glimmered but is now fading, yanked by the supplier.... read more
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Jaune de Flammé
Jaune de Flammé OGTomato
4051JO (75 days) Open-pollinated. Indeterminate. This beloved flame-colored French heirloom is a significant improvement on old Ida Gold. In 2013 it was... read more
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4241MT (78 days) F-1 hybrid. Vigorous Indeterminate. This pink gem, a study in delicacy and nuanced flavor, deservedly the dominant fresh-market tomato... read more
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Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye OGTomato
4041BO (68 days) Open-pollinated. Compact Indeterminate. “All these tomatoes that you mention, yes I know them, they’re quite lame. I had to rearrange... read more
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Winter Squash
Buttercup/Kabocha Winter Squash
BonbonButtercup/Kabocha Winter Squash
1629NN (95 days) Cucurbita maxima F-1 hybrid. I am reluctant to add hybrids where we have perfectly good open-pollinated varieties in the catalog.... read more
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Butternut Winter Squash
Little Dipper
Little DipperButternut Winter Squash
1686LD (104 days) Cucurbita moschata F-1 hybrid. In summer 2015, we trialed a slew of those personal-size, supposedly powdery-mildew–resistant, hybrid... read more
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Tom FoxPumpkin
1744TF (110 days) Cucurbita pepo Open-pollinated. Employing neither hounds nor horses, seeking neither sport nor kill, our purchaser Nikos Kavanya has in... read more
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