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Afina Cutting Celery
Afina Cutting CeleryCelery
3616AF  (60 days) Open-pollinated. Sturdy dark green foliage with rich aroma and taste. Regenerates quickly after cutting. read more
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Par-Cel Cutting Celery OGunavailable, crop failed germination test
3621PO Not available at this time. Please check back later. read more
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Redventure OGCelery
3630RO  (84 days) Open-pollinated. Delicious chewy stalks with interior red color. read more
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Tango OGCelery
3634TO  (90 days) Open-pollinated. Large dense plants with no punky centers. Smooth tender sweet nearly stringless stalks. read more
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Ventura OG/BDCelery
3624VO (80 days) Ventura takes the difficulty out of growing celery. “Vigorous growth, good taste, very little punkiness in the center” praises Nicholas... read more
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Brillant Celeriac
Brillant Celeriac OGCeleriac
3646BO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. A classy early celeriac high yielding with relatively smooth roots, clean white... read more
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Diamante Celeriac
Diamante Celeriac OGsold out, substitute 3646.
3645DO (100 days) Apios graveolens var. rapaceum Open-pollinated. Celeriac, the frog prince of root vegetables, likes rain. Despite its ugly exterior,... read more
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Mars Celeriac
Mars Celeriacsold out, substitute 3646.
3647MR (100 days) Apium graveolens var. rapaceum Our replacement for Brilliant, Mars is very similar, sporting good-sized uniform white roots with dense... read more
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