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3394BT  (115 days) F-1 hybrid. Large round 4-8 lb dark green heads with waxy thick serrated wrapper leaves. Excellent storage ability. read more
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Deadonsold out
3391DD  (105 days) F-1 hybrid. January King-type. Dense 3-6 lb red heads with savoyed pinkish-purple outer leaves and green interior. Can be overwintered. read more
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Des Vertus
Des VertusCabbage
3384DV  (95 days) Open-pollinated. French Heirloom. Large medium-green heads average 4-6 lb. Juicy, with mild semi-sweet flavor. read more
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Early Jersey Wakefield
Early Jersey WakefieldCabbage
3355EJ  (63 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. Distinctive pointy 2-3 lb heads. Compact plant allows close spacing. Excellent flavor and tender texture. read more
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3380FG  (86 days) Open-pollinated. Compact 3 lb round 6" heads with tightly wrapped highly savoyed dark green leaves. Holds a month in the field. read more
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Golden Acre
Golden AcreCabbage
3352GA  (62 days) Open-pollinated. Classic early round 3-5 lb grey-green compact heads on short stems. Excellent flavor. Not long standing. read more
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Gonzalessold out
3358GZ  (66 days) F-1 hybrid. Early baby cabbage sets round 4-6" diameter 3 lb medium-green heads with short cores. Good for summer slaw. Holds well in the field. read more
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3392GM  (110 days) F-1 hybrid. 1' across flat-topped 5-7 lb green heads. Tender and sweet. Not for storage. Holds well in the field. read more
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Mammoth Red Rock
Mammoth Red RockCabbage
3389RR  (100 days) Open-pollinated. Heirloom. 5-8 lb late storage red cabbage with firm flattened round 8-10" heads. Red-purple to the core. Crisp and sweet. read more
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3378ML  (85 days) F-1 hybrid. 2-4 lb solid slightly flattened light green heads with dark blue-green waxy wrapper leaves. Adapted to close spacings. read more
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Ruby Perfection
Ruby PerfectionCabbage
3375RP  (85 days) F-1 hybrid. Deep purple-red rock-hard round heads avg 4-6 lb. Excellent for long storage. Very cold hardy. read more
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Super Red 80
Super Red 80sold out, substitute 3375.
3370SR  (80 days) F-1 hybrid. Very attractive smooth tight round medium-dark red 3-5 lb heads. Tender and crisp with good flavor. Resists splitting. read more
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Tributesold out, substitute 3392.
3390TB  (103 days) F-1 hybrid. Mondo12.5 lb basketball-sized green heads. Large plants suppress weeds. Very good raw and cooked. read more
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Wirosasold out
3397WR  (125 days) F-1 hybrid. Solid uniform 8" wide glossy blue-green savoy heads with crinkled wrapper leaves. Good storage ability. Can be overwintered with protection. read more
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