Zloty Lan German Chamomile Herb


Zloty Lan German Chamomile Herb

Matricaria recutita
Open-pollinated. With Bodegold in short supply, we cast about for another variety and came across this unique Polish tetraploid. Translates as Golden Fields, there’s a pun on Zloty, a monetary unit in Poland, since your beautiful golden fields will turn to money with these robust and more vigorous 7" plants making a bigger better yield. Chamomile aficionados may determine the tea a tad less sweet than that of Bodegold.

One of the most widely known herbs, powerful yet gentle, long used to promote relaxation. Calms nerves, soothes the stomach and irritated skin. Mild sedating properties help insomnia, pain and colic. The flowers have high essential oil content, rich in chamazulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent with a wonderful aroma.

Likes moist well-drained soil, can be direct seeded or transplanted. Flower heads are ready to gather when the petals fall back from the center. Try using a blueberry rake to harvest them. May self sow if unharvested. ~1,750 seeds/g. Annual.

4511 Zloty Lan German Chamomile
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About medicinal herbs: Archeological evidence dates the medicinal use of herbs back 60,000 years to the Neanderthals. 85% of the world’s population employ herbs as medicines, and 40% of pharmaceuticals in the U.S. contain plant-derived materials. Fewer than 10% of higher plant species have been investigated for their medicinal components. Interest in traditional herbal remedies continues to grow.

Statements about medicinal use of plants have not been evaluated by the FDA, and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any ailment. Before using or ingesting any medicinal plant, consult a healthcare practitioner familiar with botanical medicine.

Takinagawa Burdock and Resina Calendula, as well as oats, mammoth red clover and alfalfa in the Farm Seed section, also have medicinal uses. Medicinal herbs such as black cohosh, licorice, and many more are available as plants, and shipped in the spring with orders from our Trees division.

Culture: Some herbs are customarily grown from divisions because they cannot come true from seed, such as scented thymes and flavored mints. Some require fall sowing of fresh seed, such as sweet cicely and angelica.

Using herbs: Drying herbs at home is not difficult. Whole leaves retain their flavor at least a year. To substitute fresh herbs for dried in cooking, use triple the dried quantity called for in a recipe.

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