Shell & Dry Beans

Black Coco
Shell & Dry Bean
Black Coco OG
334BO (60 days shell, 85 days dry) A triple-treat bean that is a joy to grow because it is so easy. 2' plants set abundant 5" round pods of plump shiny... read more
Fast Lady Northern
Shell & Dry Bean
Fast Lady Northern ECO
321FL  (65 days) Open-pollinated. Southern pea for the North! Small white bean matures quickly. Easy-to-pick yellow pods. Beautiful yellow flowers on bushy semi-erect plants. read more
Shell & Dry Bean
Limelight OG
333LO (60 days shell, 85 days dry) A versatile variety, excellent both as a shell and a dry bean. Plants benefit from loose trellising to avoid possible... read more
Silver Cloud Cannellini
Shell & Dry Bean
Silver Cloud Cannellini OG
331CO  (70 days) Open-pollinated. White Cannelini bean. 5-6" short fat pods contain 5 plump seeds. Excellent flavor. read more
Taylor Dwarf Horticultural
Shell & Dry Bean
Taylor Dwarf Horticultural
326DW  (68 days) Open-pollinated. Buff bean with red stripes. Also known as Speckled Bays. read more
Tiger’s Eye
Shell & Dry Bean
Tiger’s Eye ECO
335TE (65 days shell, 85 days dry) The Tiger comes and goes. This year it’s BACK! Also called Pepa de Zapallo, originally from Argentina and Chile.... read more
Vermont Cranberry
Vermont Cranberrysold out
328VC  (70 days) Open-pollinated. Pods contain 5 to 6 speckled cranberry-colored beans. Reliable and hardy. read more