Tricolor Salvia


Tricolor Salvia

Salvia viridis
Also known as Painted Sage. This prolific little beauty is splendid as a dried flower or a filler in fresh arrangements. Although its leaves are entirely green, its name comes from its white and blue flowers set off by large pink-to-purple bracts that ascend the 18" stalks. Easily air-dried, it will remain very colorful, flowering until frost if old blooms are removed. Start indoors 4–6 weeks before last frost. Needs well-drained soil. Annual. ~350 seeds/g. Especially attractive to pollinators.

5419 Tricolor Salvia
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From the Latin salvere, ‘to heal.’ Wide-ranging genus with more than 900 species throughout the world. In the Northeast they range from tiny lawn weeds to showy ornamentals to culinary sage. Members of the mint family, most have square stems and blue or lavender flowers with prominent lips.

Culture: Like full sun and dry conditions, require good drainage. In our climate, all should be started indoors.

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