Full Heart Batavian Endive


Full Heart Batavian Endive

Cichorium endivia
(85 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Escarole. Although very similar to Broad-Leaved, we liked this strain better for being a little more tender and buttery.

Smooth broad dark green outer leaves with creamy yellow closely bunched center leaves that Fearing Burr described as thick and fleshy in his 1863 Field and Garden Vegetables. Lauded by William Woys Weaver as a good salad green, not bitter.

Especially good as a fall crop; tolerates frost under row cover. Best cooked—one Italian tradition is to braise with white beans, also makes a savory escarole and leek pie.

3092 Full Heart Batavian
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Additional Information


About 16,000-22,000 seeds/oz.

Culture: Performs best in cool weather, spring or fall. Direct seed, thin to 1–2' apart.


  • Days to maturity are from emergence after direct seeding.
  • All greens are open-pollinated except where noted.

    Culture: When to harvest greens? Research from trials conducted in England and Kenya showed looseleaf lettuce, red chard and arugula harvested in the evening had a longer shelf life than when picked in the morning.

Germination Testing

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