Claytonia Specialty Greens


Claytonia Specialty Greens

Montia perfoliata
(40 days) Open-pollinated. Also known as Winter Purslane and Miner’s Lettuce, it was the ’49ers green of choice, rich in calcium and vitamin C. Claytonia’s small heart-shaped leaves have a mild but succulent taste that we find attractive. We add it regularly to our mesclun. Barbara Damrosch says it “re-grows like crazy so you can get cut after cut off the same plant.” Cold-hardy.

3050 Claytonia
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Additional Information


About 160 seeds/g.

Direct seed in spring, ½" apart. Thin to 3" apart. Responds to cut-and-come-again culture and tolerates moderate frosts. For best quality, make at least one succession planting.


  • Days to maturity are from emergence after direct seeding.
  • All greens are open-pollinated except where noted.

    Culture: When to harvest greens? Research from trials conducted in England and Kenya showed looseleaf lettuce, red chard and arugula harvested in the evening had a longer shelf life than when picked in the morning.

Germination Testing

For the latest results of our germination tests, please see the germination page.

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