Ambrosia Cape Gooseberry ECO

(115 days) Open-pollinated. Physalis peruviana The grower calls this his heart-plant and we can see why, if only because we fell instantly in love from first bite, with taste notes ranging from an exuberant YES! to full on rhapsodizing about the extraordinary flavor (hints of coconut milk and pineapple, bright and citrusy). A vigorous annual in the Northeast bearing yellow fruits the size of cherry tomatoes on bushes 3–4' tall and wide. A tender perennial in warmer climes, more tropical in nature than some others but selected for 5 years in our more temperate climes. Start seeds in early spring around the same time as tomatoes, transplanting out after all danger of frost has passed. Begin picking fruit in the fall as the husks around the fruit dry completely. The fruit lasts unrefrigerated for weeks in the husk. Great for jams, salsas, and fresh eating.

4009 Ambrosia ECO
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