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Earth Staples
8883 The garden seems full of rocks until you need one to anchor the row cover. Steel wire staples neatly hold down fabric row covers. Steel wire... read more
Galvanized Wire Hoops
8880 For building tunnels with slitted plastic or Agribon. Most effective if spaced every 5' or less. “Hoops” are shipped as straight 74" flexible rods... read more

Season Extenders

Season Extender
Clear Slitted Plastic Row Cover
8877 Place over wire hoops to form small tunnels, creating a greenhouse environment to promote the growth of heat-loving plants. Self-venting on hot... read more
Season Extender
Covertan PRO 19 Floating Row Cover
8876 This spunbonded fabric is soft and pliable, UV-stabilized, offers about 4° of frost protection, and transmits up to 90% of sunlight. Used with... read more


Biodegradable Tomato Clips
8886 Easy to use and even easier to dispose of! Use these ⅞" (internal diameter) clips made of non-GMO cornstarch, to attach tomatoes (or cucumbers, or... read more