Takinogawa Burdock


Takinogawa Burdock

Arctium lappa
(120 days) Open-pollinated biennial. Treasured by the Japanese, who call its long fleshy aromatic taproot gobo. The standard Japanese variety, setting 1–2' mild earthy-tasting bittersweet roots. Small roots are peeled and used in salads; larger roots are good in stir-fries, soups and wild ferments. Burdock has a long history of use as a medicinal. Herbalist Deb Soule says that burdock root, whether eaten or used in a tea or tincture, nourishes the liver and kidneys, balances the appetite and digestion, and is useful in anti-cancer remedies. Burdock roots and seeds are also used in combating skin diseases. Think about that the next time you run into burdock as a common weed dispensing its burrs.

2300 Takinogawa
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About 1,700 seeds/oz, 27,000 seeds/lb.

Culture: Culture like carrots, working the soil deeply, direct-sowing in spring and thinning to 3–6". Harvest in fall or early next spring.

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