Skirret - Sustainably Grown


Skirret - Sustainably Grown

Sium sisarum
(120 days) Open-pollinated. Although native to China, the word Skirret derives from the Dutch suikerwortel meaning ‘sugar root.’ This perennial (Z5-9) is not high yielding, which has kept it out of commercial production. So if you want to enjoy skirret, grow it yourself. The 6–8" pinky-width greyish-white roots cluster at the base of the 3–4' plant and may be harvested in fall, but are customarily overwintered for sweet treats in spring. Roots have a sweet nutty flavor that has been appreciated ever since they made an appearance at medieval feast tables. Has an affinity for wet or boggy land that most vegetables resent. Start indoors 8–10 weeks before setting out, or direct seed in spring. It tolerates spring frosts and transplanting well. Thin to 1' apart. A versatile addition to your cuisine. 2,240-2,800 seeds/oz.

2327 Skirret - Sustainably Grown
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