Guard-N Garden Combination Inoculant Legume Inoculant


Guard-N Garden Combination Inoculant Legume Inoculant

Inoculate the roots of legumes to ensure the presence of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Contains a variety of bacteria appropriate for a variety of common home-garden legumes.

Use for all peas, sweet peas and lentils. Use on many beans including fresh green beans and all Phaseolus shell and dry beans; also treats lima beans, favas and bell beans, yard-longs, cowpeas, soybeans, and peanuts.

Larger operations should moisten the seed, apply inoculant, allow the seed to dry, then plant. Small gardens can do the same or, plant the row and, before covering seeds with soil, moisten seeds and sprinkle a pinch on each, then cover.

OMRI-Listed® and approved for use on organic farms; see certificate here.

798 Guard-N Garden Combination Inoculant
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