Rocket Mix Snapdragon


Rocket Mix Snapdragon

Antirrhinum majus
(120 days) F-1 hybrid always very popular with commercial growers. Its long stems and vibrant colors: pink, red, yellow, orange, white and orchid on 2–3' plants make Rocket the standard snapdragon for cutting. For local production of cuts, harvest when more than half the flowers are open. Will last 5–8 days. Withstands light fall frosts, and occasionally overwinters even in central Maine. Sow indoors at 65–75°. Do not cover the seeds. Grow on at 60°; warmer temperatures cause leggy transplants. Set out after danger of frost, spacing at 9–12". Perennial in Zone 7-10, grown as an annual. ~5,000seeds/g.

5431 Rocket Mix Snapdragon
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