Red Round Turnip


Red Round Turnip

(55 days) Brassica rapa Open-pollinated. Very similar to Scarlet Ohno turnip, Red Round’s root is a little rounder, but with the same tennis ball size and bright red skin. Inside flesh is white with a bit of variable rose blushing. Slice them on a crudité platter or use them to make a beautiful magenta kimchi.

2384 Red Round Turnip
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Additional Information

Turnips & Rutabagas

⅛ oz packet sows almost 40 ft; 1 oz about 300 ft. ~8,000-14,000 seeds/oz.

Culture: Hardy members of Cabbage family. Thinning is critical for full-sized roots. Turnips have a shorter growing season and are not as cold-hardy or as good keepers as rutabagas. Turnips are best picked before they get large and fibrous. Rutabagas, also known as Swedish turnips or Swedes, form enlarged roots above ground with a finely branched system below.

Minimum germination temperature for turnips 40°, optimal range 60-95°.

Disease: DM: Downy Mildew

Note: We cannot ship packets greater than ½ oz. (14 grams) of rutabagas or turnips into the Willamette Valley. The State of Oregon prohibits shipping any commercial quantity of untreated Brassica, Raphanus or Sinapis because of a quarantine to control Blackleg.