Red Broom Corn


Red Broom Corn

Sorghum vulgare var. technicum (105 days) Produces a tall spray of seed heads at the top of the plant, laden with shiny red ⅛" seeds that birds love. Incorporate seeds into edible bird-feeder wreaths or leave the 2–3' sprays intact to add variety to traditional fall decorations. To make natural straw brooms, comb seeds out of the dry stalks and tie the seedless heads together. Stalks, generally 7–9', will grow up to 10' in an optimal season. A sorghum and not a true corn, broom corn looks and grows like corn but develops no ears. Originally from Africa, sorghum is cultured in the South for the sweet syrup of its stalks. In the ornamental trade it is used as a focal point for large arrangements. Annual. ~48 seeds/g.

5437 Red Broom Corn
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