Purple Top Verbena


Purple Top Verbena

Verbena bonariensis
(90 days) Don’t confuse this free-flowering Verbena with the hybrid dwarf bedding plant. Proud strong 3–4' stems almost without leaves topped with vibrant purple flowers that thrive in heat and bloom from July to October. Makes an ideal cutflower and mingles beautifully with other tall border plants. Hillary Nelson suggests combining with cosmos, lavender, purple zinnias and lemon mint. Attracts butterflies. Extremely drought-resistant. Erratic germination may be helped by 3–5 weeks’ of stratification prior to sowing. Start at temperatures of 70–75°, grow on at 55–62°. Keep growing medium fairly dry. Cutflower customers love it, but its tendency to shatter annoys some growers. Perennial in Zone 7-10, grown as an annual. ~4,000 seeds/g. Especially attractive to pollinators.

5661 Purple Top Verbena
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