Purple Blush

Purple Blush Tomatillo OG

(68 days) Open-pollinated. Physalis ixocarpa Mislabeled ‘Purple Lush’ in our trials, a moniker that stuck the more we observed its lush production of large 2"+ fruits on sprawling 5' plants. Everyone who tasted them used words like ‘sweet,’ ‘fruity,’ ‘yummy,’ which explains why we switched from Verde Puebla. Roast them with pumpkin seeds and hot pepper, then grind together with spices for a delicious and nutritionally dense repast. The fruits blush purple where they are kissed by the sun.

4012 Purple Blush OG
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Physalis ixocarpa

Culture: Start indoors 2 weeks after tomatoes lest they get leggy. If seedlings do get leggy, transplant them deep so the stems can root. Some like them pruned, others let them sprawl. Space plants 3' apart for the sprawlers, closer if you plan to prune. Ideal germination temperature 75–85°.