Nonstop Tuberous Begonia


Nonstop Tuberous Begonia

Begonia x tuberhybrida
(140 days) F-1 hybrid. Perennial in Zone 10, grown as an annual. A boisterous mix of flamboyant color to awaken the shady corners of your garden. Nine shades, from pink to fiery red, apricot to golden orange, plus yellow and white, create a riot of color in a garden border or in hanging pots. Europe’s #1 windowbox plant sports showy 3½–4½" fully double blooms on vigorous basal-branching stems. Begonias like shade, moisture, very rich soil, will tolerate a bit of sun. Start indoors, set out after all danger of frost. Seeds should be pressed into soil but not covered; they need light to germinate, as well as temps around 75°. After sowing, carefully moisten the soil, and then maintain even moisture until germination, 2–3 weeks. Pelleted seed is packed by seed count, not weight.

4889 Nonstop Tuberous Begonia
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