Ice-Bred Arugula - Organic


Ice-Bred Arugula - Organic

Eruca sativa
(44 days) Open-pollinated. The best arugula to be found anywhere. Brett Grohsgal crossed two excellent European heirloom strains in 1989 and has been selecting for cold hardiness and vigor since. He’s bred one tough cookie here. Mid-ribs and whole leaves develop a lovely purple hue in winter freezes. Recovers in spring even if plant goes dormant under very cold conditions. Seedlings can stand drought, compete against weeds and don’t require high soil fertility. They have been 1–2 days slower to bolt than other arugulas in our spring-sown plots. This is arugula with more bite, vigorous with complex full flavors. Cold-hardy. Breeder Royalties.
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3021 Ice-Bred - Organic
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About 11,700-15,000 seeds/oz. 116 oz packet sows 60 ft; 1 oz sows 960 ft. Also known as Roquette or Rocket. Musky green and its piquant blossoms will spice up your salad.

Culture: Prefers cool temperatures; direct seed as early as possible in spring. Optimum germination temp 40–55°. Bolts in heat; avoid the heat and grow as a fall crop, or make succession plantings every 1-2 weeks. Use row covers to discourage flea beetles. Let part of a spring crop go to seed and get a self-sown September and October patch that is delicious and has no flea beetle damage! A prime ingredient in tangy mesclun mixes. Frequent watering will reduce its pungency. Suitable for microgreens.

Saving Seed: Saving arugula seed is easy! Let your spring sowing of arugula bolt. The flowers develop into narrow seed pods. Once pods dry on the stems, they can be easily broken open for seed.

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